Korean Fried Chicken - WTH??

Last night I had my first Korean Fried Chicken - from a new place that just opened here from Korea (called ‘BBQ’ - for ‘Best of the Best Quality’, not barbecue). WTH?? - This stuff is crazy good. Crazy good. Fresh cooked, bursting with moisture and flavor, cheap as all get-out. Blows any fried chicken I’ve had in the US in the last 10 years away, although admittedly a different product. What is up with Korean fried chicken? Is the BBQ place (apparently famous in Korea) representative or did I just get lucky? Crazy good. Those in the know - please enlighten me. Thanks

We have one here in Arlington, TX. I wouldn’t go so far as to say best I’ve had in the U.S. in the past 10 years but it is really good. We like it. A lot. Doesn’t seem like yours is a fluke. btw, ours is BBQ too.

Double-fried, using minimal batter and maximal spices.

we have a great spot in our town that has an awesome version. easy to make at home too - Korean Fried Chicken Wings | Cook's Illustrated

You don’t show your location so I don’t know how surprised I should be that you have never had it before. Hard to miss it in NYC. We have done a couple BYO’s at Pelicanha in Koreatown.

This and so good!

BBQ is a very popular chain. Their fried chicken is delicious. Also the use of rice flour/potato flour/corn starch as the batter adds to the crunch. Lots of different styles too, some are saucier and thicker skinned, some lighter and crunchier. Yum

When I was growing up in Chicago my best friend was Korean. Her mom was a fantastic cook, and I ate there as much as they would let me. She made that chicken, and I described it to my mother as best I could, and she tried and tried to replicate it. But she never did. I just wish I didn’t hate deep frying so much, or I would have it all the time.

Thanks all for your input. Great to find a new discovery. Looks like the origins of ‘Korean fried chicken’ are all the GIs in Korea for the Korean war (hence demand) - and then in the years since the magic of cultural mixing/innovation took over. Looking forward to trying it again. (Now tell me its healthy…)

First time I had it, take out at a friend’s party a good 20 years ago, my reaction was similar… parked near the bucket and made a complete pig of myself…

In NYC they have to show the calorie content. Wow. I really hate when they show the calorie content…

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That would not have stopped the Friday 9:00AM (post-Thursday-night) cheeseburger pig-outs delivered from the Bridge Deli.
I remember the follow-through of 10:00AM pizzas, especially with Mason Haupt sauntering around the floor with a slice in each hand.

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It is super healthy, Indulge with no guilt.

Is this the place?


Freaking love Korean Fried Chicken. Also love Nashville style like Howling Ray’s. Both different but equally tasty. Fu is correct, BBQ is a chain but a good one, try their wings of fire. Lots of heat but hurts so good.

I need to, having lost almost ten pounds since the pandemic start, despite working out daily to keep muscle mass. (If this continues, I am going to become a bowman.)

Mark - That is it. I went in (to order to go), they said, ‘Well, it will be 15 minutes because we cook it fresh.’ My god, is that right: The first bite was just an explosion of moist meat & flavor. And then it kept going. For someone used to American fried chicken - which I enjoy - from joints not too different than this, a complete, complete surprise.

Michael - Thanks; that’s good to know. They sell beer too. So, a bunch of chicken & a couple of beers = well-rounded diet? Excellent!

in LA’s ktown - back when I was a young childless whippersnapper we’d be eating spicy korean fried chicken and pitchers upon pitchers of terrible Hite beer long into the night. Good times.

There’s some great Korean fried chicken in LA. Like normal (to me, I guess) Southern fried chicken, it’s great with Riesling!