Korean BBQ with Mark -- 05 Kendric PN, 95 Summus, 05 Marsannay

Last night we ate at Chung Sol Bat with Mark Ricca and Stacey. The Kalbi was tasty but I had the feeling that the food was down a notch from the last time I ate there, a different chef in the kitchen can make that sort of difference, I think that must be the reason.

Mark brought the 2005 Kendric Pinot Noir that he had won on Berserker Day. It’s a Marin County wine and I think it went very nicely with the Korean food. A somewhat subdued taste but with a nice sweet clove note on the bouquet. We enjoyed it.

Mark gave a smirky look at my 1995 Banfi Summus, said it would be Californian. Of course I know that Banfi is American owned, and that several of their wines are not what you would expect from Tuscany. But the Summus was pleasantly lean for my taste, a different sort of good match with the Korean food. And the blackcurrant note in the bouquet was a touch of what I love about the Sangiovese grape.

Finally – even though the food was all gone, Mark pulled out a surprise, the 2005 Marsannay from Meo-Camuzet. I know I have bought several red Burgundies from Meo-Camuzet over the decades but don’t recall the details, they are pretty respectable. And after the first sip, I said “this is delicious.” Or perhaps I should say it was “Lush, plush, sexy, ripe, and fat” – well not quite but certainly a 90 if we were giving points.

Mark told stories about Berserkerfests he has attended, which I found interesting. Now I am just one degree of separation from people like Todd French and Brian Flannery! I told him a little about wine boards back in the days of hand cranked 300 baud modems.

Fun evening.

It was a very lovely evening.
Thanks to Frank and Louise for such great company. The food was good IMHO as I had nothing to compare it to. I’m not really familiar with Korean cuisine and Frank did a nice job ordering for the four of us.

I thought all the wines showed very well.
Thanks again to Carrie for getting those Kendric Pinots out to us. We have enjoyed the two bottles we opened immensely (the '04 and the '05) and I’ll think we’ll let the '06 and '07 sleep a little bit before we crack them open.

The 2005 showed red fruits with lots of spice on the nose and palate. Tannins were soft and well integrated. I’m very impressed as I’ve never heard of the wine prior to this.

The '95 Banfi Summus was in a very good place. The dark fruit and tobacco notes were soft but not thin or faded. I admittedly think of Banfi as a modern producer making western styled wines, but I do admire the overall quality of wines and have had some outstanding bottles.

Even though I had brought the Meo-Camuzet as a backup bottle, the conversation was flowing so freely I couldn’t resist opening it. Glad to hear it was greatly appreciated.


Mark, I did like the Burg a lot but I stole the descriptors from the “Confluence” thread…

Glad to hear you enjoyed the Kendric. Stewart was really generous with his donation of those wines.