Koji- anyone using it? (Rice Fungus)

read about it in Bon Appetit in an article about “the Tastiest Roast Chicken”

and also here in Cooks Science: Science-Based Recipes | Cook's Illustrated

Is is anything like corn fungus?

Huitlacoche…nope not the same usage.

interesting. sounds like it gives it a sweet miso like flavoring?

I like the faux dry-aging application and will likely give that a try.

Jonathan uses it sometimes when cooking Japanese preparations. Not often, though.

same. Nice as a marinade to balance a fatty piece of pork.

yes. sweet and salty. and a bit nutty depending on what type of mold you have.

I bought this on Amazon to experiment with.
(MIYAKO KOJI 200g/ Malted rice for making Miso, Sweet Sake, Pickles)
it must be coming from Japan as my estimated delivery date is 12/1-12/22

Suzanne, how did your Koji rice experiments turn out?

I finally grabbed some (there was a small Japanese market across from our hotel on 41st and Fifth) and hope to experiment this week, probably with faux dry aged steaks.

I loved it on steak. gave the steak a mushroomy umami flavor. Did not like it on chicken, it did a strange thing to the skin. almost like caramelization from the sugars and not crispy

Sounds fantastic. How long do you leave it the koji rice on for? 48/72 hours?

Thanks (and have a great weekend).