Kobayashi + Floodland Collaboration (NO ESTATE)

Been waiting on this since being teased that it was coming when I picked up my recent Hogstone pizza club stash a month ago. Sadly this initial offering will only work if you’re in the Puget area, but sounds like Kobayashi will be releasing more down the line.

Words below from Hogstone:

We are thrilled, honored and humbled to be able to present to you Addendum II: The First Release of No Estate; a collaboration of Adam Paysse of Floodland Brewing and Travis Allen of Kobayashi Winery.

“No Estate was conceived as a collaboration between Adam Paysse of Floodland and Travis Allen of Kobayashi to bring to life wines which were outside the scope of the work of their respective projects. Its first release is a single-site wine from Red Willow in the Yakima Valley, a blend of 1982-planted Riesling and Sauvignon Blanc, fermented natively on their skins for several weeks before pressing and bottling in the méthode ancestrale to capture the last gasps of fermentation in order to achieve carbonation. Made without sulfur from 2020 harvest grapes, the wine was allowed to rest on its lees in bottle for a year before disgorging, and was then aged a further year before release. Label art by Jason Fiske. Photograph by Kyle Johnson.”

The amount of love and respect that we hold for these two individuals is beyond words. To know, collaborate and grow along folks that possess such integrity, curiosity and dedication to their craft is of the highest luck and privilege to us. Indeed, these are traits and proclivities that we value above all else. To us, they are family. Not to mention the thrill of getting to work with what is easily the most exciting wine to ever be made from the historic and revered Red Willow Vineyard, a success story in and unto itself in Washington viticulture. So when we were approached with the honor of getting to help bring this wine forth to the world the answer was obvious.

Shunning any (well, most, anyway) hyperbole, this is exactly the wine for the season. In our part of the world this time of year can start to feel a little desperate, grey, gloomy and sad. Here is an antidote. It’s true that one of the laziest descriptions applied to wine is “sunshine in a bottle” (gross, have some self respect!) But we’ll be damned if that isn’t immediately what comes to mind here. Simultaneously concentrated like the tensioned, waxy, almost crunchy flesh of a perfect sun-filled persimmon while also holding itself in a relaxed manner like a margarita on a hot day where the ice has melted in just such a way where the salt, tequila and lime come together perfectly at the right moment to become a certain kind of refreshing. It won’t be permanent but here is a temporary cure for your S.A.D.