Knockout QPR: 2019 Twill Willamette Chardonnay

Just opened my first bottle of the 2019 Twill Cellars Willamette Valley Chardonnay, and I’ve got to say, it’s a knockout for the price ($22 at Sec Wines; I’ve already reloaded, so dig in).

Immediately impressive from pop and pour. Showing a bit of reduction on the nose. On the palate, bright white fruits and a long, mineral, acid-driven finish. Showing a bit more body than previous vintages; I’d call it medium-bodied. After the first taste, I ran to the fridge and grabbed a chunk of gruyere, which is a perfect match.


Cool, I will track some down. Thanks, Lee.

Showing just as well on day 2. It’s a little leaner, with a longer, more penetrating finish. Unless you lean strongly AFWE, you’d probably prefer this on day one.

Opened a 2019 Molly’s Chardonnay with lunch. Another great value Oregon chard, would be right in place in a lineup of Goodfellow, Vincent, Evesham Wood, etc. Just like many newer Willamette chards, it has light/medium
body and plenty of acid and flavor. Seems like it’s showing just a touch of reduction, but I sometimes have a hard time distinguishing light reduction from some oak from chardonnay flavors.