KJ has bought another Oregon winery

That’s more than rumor from what I have heard. They apparently announced it at a dinner this week…but did not mention the name. Small and well known was the extent of it. Thought I would stir the pot and let the guessing begin.

I’m going with Biggio-Hamina.

Please not Biggio Hamina (but great for them if it is them!).

I imagine that there will be an announcement when the time is right. If Todd is the lucky winner, so to speak, good for him. I hope that KJ will allow him to continue crafting the yummy wines that I have grown so fond of.

Is Belle Pente considered small and well known? Man I hope not.

That said I reflexively cringe any time one of the big guys snaps up another winery but as has been discussed here a number of times there’s probably no reason for that when it comes to KJ. My understanding is they are giving the wineries a lot of latitude and are providing capital and infrastructure the wineries have previously lacked… Which could ultimately be a good thing.

Rumor has it Todd is driving around a new Hummer with a “Trump 2016” sticker on the back. My money is on BH.

He was doing that two years ago.

Beaux Freres - just to make it interesting.

That’s the spirit!

Hopefully it’s Domaine Serene…

I thought you said Todd drives a white van with a sign on it that says Free Candy.


White Rose

He HAS a white van with that sign on it. I don’t think it moves around. It might not even have an engine.

Winderlea, really? We were just out there in April and quite a great visit with them. They seemed very happy but I guess if someone backs a truck of money at your back door… The owners (Bill & Donna) were great as were the the wines!


Good guess.

This would make sense seeing Mike’s got his own vineyard and the Roy family has their own domaine now…

While this was an entertaining guess I would read zero into it. Not seeing that scenario playing out. At all.

You never know… Parker pulls the plug?

I doubt this would ever happen but Parker is a little cray cray so never say never…

Shoppers of Trader Joe’s & Total Wine are going to have more Oregon Pinot to choose from!

Does it have an animal in its name?