Kittle House NY May 12th Offline Bordeaux vs Cali Cab April/May

It has been a while, so I was thinking another blind lineup of Cali Cab vs Bordeaux? We have done these in the past and they are always fun. If not that theme then the usual, “wines that do not suck” theme comes to mind…

Monday night is free corkage, lets plan something in early May if we can before the summer time hits us…

Any takers?


Me too!

How about April 19th, May 5th, or May 12th


May 5th or 12th as well.

Excellent, lets arrange May 12th


Mike R
Dan H
Leo F
Will Smith + 1 (not the actor)

I will bring something from the west coast.

I would be interested and I might be available. Could bring a Ca. Wine.

May 12 will be tough because that is the Spring meeting of the BUsiness Law Section and it is bad for the Chairman (moi) not to show up. Depends on what we schedule. Maybe I can do the annual wine dinner the night before.

If Whore-Gay can pick me up I’ll be interested.

What about dropping you off? Where you at Leo?

Can & happy to. Even if it’s out of my way. [snort.gif]

Great, I’ll make sure you drink well [snort.gif]

I would like to join this event and bring my brother inlaw.Can bring Bordeaux

Hi, I would like to join in too. Can bring either depending on what is needed

Hey Mike…I’d love to join.

I’m a big fat maybe as I can only come if my wife is not traveling. Once I confirm her schedule, I’ll let you know.

And If I can make it, I can bring either


What about me? [wow.gif]

Please count me in.