Kittery Maine - Chauncey Creek - Sat, July 18th

Who’s interested? Lobster, white burgs/chard and bubbly. Yum.

ohhhhhhhhhhhh…you had me at lobstah. Lemmie check the “master” schedule.

Wicked smaht!!

The master’s schedule you mean? [gheyfight.gif]

Same diff [foilhat.gif] [gheyfight.gif]

Might be golfing with my bro so I’ll check


Got golf that day, so next time.

You know I’ve got that 2004 Fevre Prueses now…still need to check schedule. Actually I’m free on any day that ends in “y” - it’s the others that are busy. Got some older stuff that might do better though.

Good to see you and meet others tonight.

Parallel boards are so confusing for someone like me…confirming 18th OK. Perpendicular boards would be worse though, so keep up the good work.