kitchen remodeling

I have a medium size kitchen I would like to remodel, medium size, and no major moving of walls, etc. It is a straight up custom cabinet, granite countertop job. We would like a six burner Wolf cooktop, new fridge and dishwasher, planning to keep our double oven and microwave since they are fairly new. The appliances are about $10,000 and the total job is over $50,000, which is more than I’m prepared to spend. For those who have taken the plunge on new kitchens, how much have you typically spent?

Brian Crabtree
Raymond MS


I spent more than that in 1991, but I added on to the house and moved the kitchen to the addition so “she, who must be obeyed,” could have everything she wanted. Carrie’s kitchen is 22 x 12, with and 10 x 8 breakfast nook. I also incorporated a pass through from the new kitchen to old one, which became the dining room. In doing the planning, I poured through books for ideas and I saw some outrageous galley kitchens, so size isn’t as important as wise use of the space you have. A pass through opens a kitchen and keeps the relatives in the other room while you’re cooking, so if you have a wall adjacent to the dining room or living room, you might consider it.

Custom cabinets, granite and new appliances should get you to 50 K quick, plus I’ll bet you’ll be getting new flooring. You can reduce some of the costs if you want to do a lot of labor and can buy all appliances from one vendor, etc. We wanted a Thermador residential/commercial 6 burner, plus grill cook top; huge Subzero refer, 2 Dacor residential/commercial wall ovens, Asko Asea stainless steel dishwasher and a vent-a-hood for the cook top. Nobody in town would deal with us offering other junk for what we wanted or could only provide one item at a high price. A company, Whole Earth Access, some 40 miles away offered to get it all and have it drop shipped at our house. They gave us 20% off for buying everything from/trough them.

If you haven’t purchased everything yet, shop for a single vendor. A good retailer should be willing to order what you want and give you a break because it never hits their store, it’s all drop shipped to your house.