kistler spring offering

07 chardonnays vine hill, kistler vineyard, hyde
07 pinots catherine, elizabeth
08 sonoma coast pinot

any thoughts? [scratch.gif]

They still doing the whole case thing?


maybe i missed it, but i didn’t see any reference to a case minimum?

It’s on the actual “Wine Request Form” under the wines listed in your allocation.

my bad. newhere

I am biting on 1 each of the chards and a couple each of the pinot. Another board member snatched up the rest of the pinot, and there is still plenty of chard to go around. I do love both their pinot and chard, but just can’t swing more this year unfortunately. [swearing.gif] Buying less in 2010! -mJ

Jeez, I haven’t had 12 Chardonnay’s in the last 12 years! Heck, bet it’s closer to 1 or 2…glasses!!!

I’d like to get a few from them each year to be able to have some in the cellar for those that “do”. Just don’t know if it’s worth it for me to stay on their list. [dontknow.gif]

I’m in for my case. If it weren’t such a hassle (read expense) shipping to the great white north, I’d probably have gone for more this release. Looks like a stunning collection from Kistler (on the list since '99).

Interesting note: For the first time in my memory, the letter is signed by Steve Kistler, not Mark Bixler.

The Chards will be available at retail. The Pinots will be much harder to find but not impossible. Curious how much wine you had to buy from them to get this offer.

Easy pass. I can often find Kistler on auction at less than retail, so why pay the high prices for 12 or more bottles.