Kistler fall release

I know a lot have mixed feelings on Kistler, I personally love to drink the wines on the younger side since I feel older wines are not always as consistent (based on my experience), will be picking up some McCrea and Hudson, since these are some of my favourites in California. Anyone else picking some up today?

I am getting 2 McCrea, and 3 Hudson. I am a big fan of the Hudson vineyard, and it’ll be interesting to compare winemakers from that site! Would have gone bigger, but need to keep the budget in check for some of the fall offerings (Greer, Bevan (Dr. Crane), and Realm).

Looking forward to it!

Picked up the 6 pack and 3 extra Hudsons.

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Do you mind sharing what the prices are for their chardonnays? And is there still a wait to get on their list, or is it pretty open these days?

Kistler chardonnay is one of those “it’s totally not my style but they’re so good I like them anyway” types of wines. It’s like music – there are some genres I don’t usually like, but then some performer or band within the genre is good enough that I dig them anyway.

Every once in awhile I’ll get one off a restaurant list or pick a random bottle up at retail or auction, and I usually enjoy them.

$95 for all of them

Just had the ‘17 Hudson, seems like a huge shift in style from the 90s. This wine was beautiful, far more nuanced and balanced than I expected. If this is the new Kistler, I like it.

I love Kistler wines , both red and white . I may have a Burgundy palate but this is so delicious .
I am on the mailing list and have the bottles send to Belgium which is very expensive but they are worth it .
Definitely California style , creamy texture , honey and straw for the whites .

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Style has changed in recent years, not sure about how they age but certainly agree you regarding quality in recent vintages

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Anyone else buying Kistler in the release today? Supposedly the 2021 vintage is pretty good

I would like to purchase both Laguna pinot and chard and possibly a Hudson. However, I dislike that if you are buying less than 12 bottles you have to buy a preselected 6-pack that can technically change bottles after purchased. I wish they could just set a minimum bottle purchase, rather than having to buy a preselected 6-pack and then the bottles you want if not in the 6-pack. I have an order placed/requested for less than 12 bottles and doesnt include a 6-pack but im not sure the order will be granted.

I bought 8 bottles, including the Chardonnay 6 pack, and look forward to receiving them. The price isn’t terrible and these will last for a few years. However, this is only my second purchase over the past three years. I personally greatly enjoy their wines and enjoy the different vineyard offerings. I didn’t buy the Pinot since I can find it for a few bucks more.

$95 last release I told myself above $100 I stop buying. Now $105/bottle. I have a fair amount of Kistler in my cellar so I am fine dropping off the list for now, love the wines but as mentioned above I don’t like having to pick a pre determined package that can/does change after confirming. Would probably stay on the list if I could just select 3 wines and move on, but not the case. I believe 2020 Chardonnays are better than 2021 from my understand but could be wrong.

@Alexander_Smith, not questioning your statement about the 2020s being better than the 2021 but I was wondering where you heard/learned of it. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Just from my limited tasting… 2021 seem a little more concentrated, again maybe my statement was not accurate since everyone prefers a different style, 2022 is even more rich from 2-3 bottles I tasted, no Kistler but other Sonoma Chards.

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