Kismet TN: 1991 Gentaz-Dervieux Côte-Rôtie Côte Brune

So this is funny. Maybe last week someone posted on a G-D Cote Rotie, and I had vicariously enjoyed a TN on a wine I never expected to try. Last night, I went over to a good friend’s home for some roasted Hearst Farms beef, et al. On the counter was “a blle of Cote Rotie- I don’t know anything about the maker, do you want to try it”

Um… yes.

Feeling like the Antiques Roadshow guy, I told him what it is, made sure he was OK with opening it, and we opened it. 1cm from cork. Pop and poured. Drunk over a couple hours.

  • 1991 Gentaz-Dervieux Côte-Rôtie Côte Brune - France, Rhône, Northern Rhône, Côte-Rôtie (7/17/2011)
    A truly beguiling and intoxicating nose. Bloody meat, back pepper, anise, violets, and dark berry fruits. Beautiful, deep, and utterly captivating. I could smell the wine for hours. A near perfect nose. Medium to full bodied, but seemingly carrying little weight. The tannins are in about a perfect level of development for me. Roasted pepper-crusted rare meat, beef broth, leather, blackberries, and smoke. There is great depth and a sense of minerality here. This is almost Burgundian in its clarity, focus and purity, but all the while undeniably syrah. This is very long, morphing and developing over the two hours we drank it. If I were picking nits, the only flaw was a tiny bit of astringency on the back end that rounded out (or I got used t it). A 99 pt nose and “only” a 94 pt palate, overall I’d give this a solid 96. A brilliant, complete wine. (96 pts.)

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And it was perfect with the roasted meat.

Is there a thankful emoticon?

You’re a lucky man. That was Cote Rotie as it once was. There isn’t much made like that now.