Kirkland 27 Year Old Blended Scotch

Has anyone tried this? I’m curious at 27 years old for $50.

Can’t you return it if you don’t like it with Costco’s return policy?*

IMO, certainly worth the gamble.

    • I note I had a problem with this once. I tried returning Kirkland gin, which was terrible and they flat out lied and said it was against the law for them to refund my money on alcohol. Naturally I asked them what law it violated while Googling it – the manager admitted that they lied. I returned alcohol on one other occasion with no problem.

This is state dependent. You can’t (legally) return alcohol in Georgia. Many will let you but legally it’s not allowed.

Ca follows the federal guideline. No returns unless unfit for consumption.

Rather buy the 18 single malt for $54 as it’s higher proof so more whiskey and less water.

Just got into the 18 year Speyside single malt sherry finished over the last couple nights, this stuff is really good. Loaded with flavor in a smooth yet dense style. Coming from someone who likes a lot of flavor in their spirits this one surprised me. Was expecting a watery approachable whisky but this really delivers. Showcases the best of both worlds, Bourbon and Sherry character with that funky Scotch complexity.

Thanks Dustin. I may pick up a bottle of this next time I’m in the store if they have it.