King Crab in Tomato Sauce on Penne Rigate with Noceto Sangioveses

Tonight’s dinner, shared with Jeff Pfohl who delivered some FedEx shippers for wines we’ve sold, was King Crab & Tomato on Penne Rigate with two 1999 Noceto Sangioveses, a Riserva and ‘Marmolata’ from Sangiovese Grosso grapes. The crab was warmed in Meyer Lemon Olive Oil, canned tomatoes seasoned with Basil, Italian Herbes, garlic, and black pepper were added to the crab, and it was served over the penne rigate.

Both Nocetos were good with the pasta, The Riserva had rich earthy cherry fruit; the Marmelata had ripe cherry fruit with less acidity than the Riserva. Both were enjoyable in their own way with the crab and pasta.

Vino Noceto is my favorite local (Amador County) winery.

Their sangioveses (they are up to almost a dozen different bottlings) are a very nice, very inexpensive alternative to Italian sangios, and I haven’t had anything from California as good.

We’ve enjoyed Suzy & Jim Gullett’s wines from Noceto since they started making them several years ago.

+1 as i think Suzy & Jim really make The Shenandoah Valley shine. my 2005s have been so good lately. was out to dinner Sat evening and tried a GSM from El Do Co but should have had the 04 Marmellata.