Killer Deal on 2009 Force Majeure Collaboration IV currently has the 2009 Force Majeure Collaboration IV for $19.99.

I bought six and they arrived a couple of days ago and upon tasting can confirm this is the real deal. I have since bought another six.

Just a heads up for you WA Wine heads! This is a killer deal that will likely never be repeated.

Can you elaborate a bit for those of us unfamiliar? What varieties? What does it normally sell for?


Sure here is a link a little more about Force Majeure and Collaboration series -

The Collaboration IV is a merlot dominant (60% I think) right bank inspired blend which currently retails at $55. It has an abv of 13.7%.

It currently has a 92.7 average on CT -

Really nice find and indeed a killer deal. I was going to back up the truck, but appears it’s all gone now.

great find, too bad I missed out.

not a fan
but a great price for the folks who are fans