Kikuhime at Skurnik Grand Portfolio Tasting - May 3, 2022

Just a heads up that Jonathan and I will be pouring Kikuhime at the Skurnik Grand Portfolio Tasting in NYC on Tuesday, May 3. It is the first time Epicurean Selection will be participating, and we are very excited!

We hope all you NYC area ITBers will come see us, introduce yourselves if we’re not acquainted already, and taste these unique and delicious sake.


These are outstanding Sake and I would highly recommend trying / drinking them!

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Yes, absolutely stunning stuff. I have a single bottle left that I’ve been planning on bringing to an omakase dinner that’s in the works.

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Thanks so much, Peter. Our long-awaited container (temperature controlled from the brewery to the warehouse) just hit our warehouse last week, so there is a lot of inventory, including some exciting new vintages and bottlings, that will be available soon!

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Best to you and Jonathan. Have a terrific event, I’m sure your offerings will shine.

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Hello Sarah, I will look for you there!

Terrific, Anders - please do! Table 145.