KFC to offer easy-to-eat boneless chicken

All the faster to cram this “food” down the pie hole…



Me, I like a good bone.

I bet you do you little minx…

Makes you want to channel that old Far Side cartoon of the “Boneless Chicken Farm”

Too bad we cannot endure a Wood -vs- Cole slugfest over this.


had kfc buffet today. super healthy

I have not eaten at KFC in 30 years. Disgusting “food.”

Reminds me of this classic:

I have trouble posting pictures — but this should be the Gary Larson Boneless Chicken Ranch cartoon. IMHO a classic.

There are things that are disgusting unless you grew up eating them. I loved KFC when I was growing up so I still have a soft spot for it. Of course there are none near me (I’m in a Popeyes zone) so I haven’t actually tasted any in years.

Now they’re “hipster-ing it up”:


Just had Popeye’s on Tues. Thigh and drumstick for $1.29. Love that deal…and so does everyone else, so crowded at the ghetto place I had to go to. Anyway, Popeye’s is so much better than KFC, but KFC will do in a pinch. I also like bones, especially on wings. Not a fan of boneless wings.

Never had Poopeyes.


I don’t recommend it!

Check your drawers.

Where is spell check when you need it?