KFC Double Down just launched in Canada!

My first bite confirms how delicious I thought this would be. After finishing the sandwich, it felt like a brick in my stomach. 10 minutes later, my tummy is upset. I manage to make it through the rest of the day with just a sour stomach. censensus; this was delicious but not worth my stomach’s reaction or the pending fat about to be added to my ass. My first and last…

I had 1 and only 1 when it launched in the US. Total disappointment. The chicken was frozen and re-cooked and it tasted like it. The breading did not scream KFC, the cheese was flavorless as was the bacon. They could have added many pounds to some of us but luckily it was a swing and miss for this fatso. [wow.gif]

I ate half of one and my heart hurt.

Was that immediately after you ate it…or the 10 course Chinese meal that we had about 15 minutes after the Double Down?

I also ate one earlier this year. Passed a KFC and had to try it.

No stomach upset but I thought it very disappointing so far as flavor went. Not only my waistline but also my taste buds would have preferred something else. But on the whole that was probably the better outcome.

Perfect assessment. Mine was very tasty as well, then I felt ill from the bowling ball in my gut. Won’t be going back for a second one.