Kentucky Derby Snacks and Coho Salmon w/Rainbow Chard

Yesterday afternoon Jeff Pfohl came up for the Kentucky Derby followed by dinner. We started with a fruity and pleasant 2007 Ch. Bellevue La Forêt Rosé from Fronton. It was nice, even though the afternoon was cloudy and cool, with Sauccison de Vic, Mini-Chorizo, & Spicy Salumetti; Chaumes, Sheeps’ Milk Camembert, & Drunken Goat cheeses; and baby artichoke hearts and black & green olive pastes. Shortly before the actual start of the Derby, we’d been watching the introductory talking heads and festivities, we finished the lovely rosé and decided to have a red instead of another rosé. I brought up a cold, but tasty 1999 Mas Doix ‘Costers de Vinyes Velles’ Priorat - rich dark fruit, a long finish, and very nice with the food.

Then after the race and post-race festivities, Jeff and I headed for La Montanita Co-op to select something for dinner. After checking out the meat and fish counters, we picked three nice dark red Coho salmon filets and selected rainbow chard for the vegetable.

Back home after shopping, Carollee de-stemmed the chard and put the leaves and some garlic in the steamer, while I seasoned the flesh side of the salmon with SI Spicy Seafood Seasoning, Key-Lime Pepper, and a little tarragon and turned on the burner under the chard. I then went to the cellar and got a 1999 Dom. Roblet-Monnot Volnay Brouillards. I started heating the grill pan, added a little Tahitian Lime Olive Oil, and when the pan was hot, placed the salmon on it flesh side down. I seasoned the skin side with SI Spicy Seafood Seasoning, Key-Lime Pepper, and a little coarse sea salt. After two to three minutes on the flesh side, i turned the salmon and grilled for three to four more minutes. Then I put the salmon on heated plates crispy skin side up, while i de-glazed the pan with dry Vermouth. I plated the chard after adding a bit of coarse sea salt, poured the pan reduction over the salmon filets, and served.

The salmon and chard were a nice combination and the bright, rich red-fruited Volnay was very good with the salmon. Since we finished the Volnay before we’d finished dinner; I went for another. I brought up a 1988 Jacques Thevenit-Machal Volnay Santenots - richer and darker than the '99, with none of the usual '88 hardness. It also was good with the end of the salmon and a nice glass afterwards.

Then we returned to the living room for dessert and music. We finished the chocolate and vanilla gelati and enjoyed Coquila, Patron XO Café, & Godiva Chocolate liqueurs. A very enjoyable afternoon and evening.

sounds like a helluva meal but how about that race-ride by Calvin Borel?

The ride from the last turn was amazing, and it was a New Mexico horse!

Sounds awesome Dick…

Another fabulous meal with Dick & Carollee. Thanks for having me up!