Kentucky Corkage Laws?

I’m headed out to Looo-uh-vul for the Derby and I’m meeting up with a good-sized wine-drinking crowd. We’re headed to Proof on Main for dinner Friday night and their wine list is, uh, pricey. '10 Turley Dusi Zin for $135! Yowza. Anyway, I contacted them about corkage and they said no-go, claiming it’s illegal. I’m a lawyer and can’t find any law on the books prohibiting the practice. Any locals have any insights on the BYO laws? I’ve gone through the ABC laws twice and can’t find anything prohibiting (or authorizing) the practice. Cheers!

I’ve been told its illegal too. I would love to find out otherwise.

Found a blog post that pretty much mirrors your situation. Apparently, these guys called the Kentucky ABC. The rep proceeded to cite a statute that doesn’t apply, then never bothered calling back with a correct response. I’d guess that you’re probably out of luck. With those kinds of markups, I can’t imagine that they’re in any rush to challenge the prevailing wisdom, even if it’s technically wrong. Plus, I’d guess that it’s the restaurant that’s putting themselves at risk. In MI, I’ve been told that an establishment can have its liquor license pulled for allowing a patron to BYO, though I’m not sure if that’d be the case for a first offense.

Thanks, Chuck. I found that blog, too. I especially like Mr. Cox’s response of “I can’t tell you what statutes they are because I know they are there.” Oh, well, ok then.