Kenji Tavern Style Pizza Recipe

Is there really not a thread on this!?!?!?!? Here’s the link. I’ve been following Kenji’s 5 month journey to create this recipe, salivating frequently, craving constantly, and was thrilled to see it finally hit the NYTimes. I started the dough on Monday, let it slow ferment until Thursday, let it come to room temp and roll it out to “cure”, then cooked it up tonight. Wow. Everything I hoped it would be. Used King Arthur bread flour, Boar’s Head low moisture mozzarella (shredded in my food processor), a homemade sausage using a Kroger duroc ground pork (nice! who knew!?), and then Boar’s Head pepperoni on the second pizza (meh, need to find better). Sabelli-Frish La Malinche 19 Mission was KILLER with this, as was Clothing Optional 18 Enz as a finisher.


Thanks for sharing! I’ve been following Kenji’s tavern style pizza journey closely. Looking forward to trying myself.

We definitely need to schedule pizza night at Brad’s!


I wish piura local pizzerias in Chicago made a tavern style as good as these reviews.

Looks great, care to share your recipe? Thanks.

I followed Kenji’s recipe(s) in the link above pretty much exactly. Homemade sauce, sausage, dough.

I’m a huge Kenji fan, but my wife is from NY. If I pulled this shit under our roof I’d be out in the garage for the night. I can’t get behind it. Though the journey was fun to watch through his Instagram account.


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My thoughts exactly!


Is it different from his serious eats crispy bar pizza recipe? Your link is behind a paywall so can’t see it. Thanks.

Pretty serious penalty! Can you be more specific on what you/your wife object to?

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Must be the non-floppy crust :grin:

To a born and bred New York woman there is only one type of pizza. NY style: thin crust that has a floppy tip (the pizza! :smiling_imp:), and should be folded to effectively be consumed. When folded the grease from the cheese should drip out the back and slightly down your forearm. Eaten at the temperature one degree below where the cheese burns the roof of your mouth

New Haven? Too chewy
Chicago deep dish? Not even pizza, it’s a damn casserole
Chicago thin crust? Damn near matzo pizza
Neapolitan / wood fired oven? Acceptable for a fancy lunch
Chain pizza (dominos, poppa Johns, etc)? Strictly college kid food

Don’t even get me started on pastrami and bagels.

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Detroit pizza?

I was in NYC last week and didn’t see a single Ray’s Pizza. What the heck is going on?

LOL! That’s what I love about WB, I learn something every day.

The links on this are a bit of a pain, as there is an article, a main recipe, a dough recipe, a sauce recipe, and a sausage recipe, all different links! Here they are (as “gift links” so should be visible to everyone):

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Thanks, Brad! I might try cooking it a little less and maybe it will fold :grinning:

I made this and liked it. But there were two things I failed to do that I think would improve it next time. Sharing in case so others avoid these mistakes. First, your pizza stone or steel or other baking surface needs to be very hot (mine was not). Do not skimp on the very long (45 minute) pre-heat time. With a short cook, a blazing surface is necessary to cook the crust, especially in the center. (I suspect that this a crust recipe that would work well on a grill). Second, the recipe calls for the pizza to be rolled to a 14 inch diameter. (Which it also calls “very thin”). Don’t make it smaller (mine was about 12 inches). Even if your pizza stone is smaller (guilty), roll it larger and then cut in half (or what have you). The thinness of the crust is a critical competent.

Also, this pizza (even with the flaws I had) was even better when topped with anchovies.

Of course, all pizzas are better with anchovies.


Last night Kenji posted a video on youtube


Pulled the S.S. work table and Ooni out from winter storage last weekend, so this will be added to the “To-Try” list this spring once I’m making dough again.

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@bradkaplan is making these pies at my place tonight for our crew. Looking forward to it!