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I’ll re-purpose my note to the mailing list:
A Message from Our CEO, in Which He Feigns Concern
Dear List,
In these trying times, I hope it will bring you some comfort to know that I am doing just fine. My family and I are modeling responsible social distancing in a bunker at a safe remove from the unwashed masses. Running perilously low on Wagyu, but we all must bear our privations without complaint, I suppose. I’d think about venturing out, if it weren’t for fear of being spotted by one the jackbooted thugs on NextDoor. Still, we can’t be expected to go on like this much longer, can we? Maybe I’ll send one of the kids. And where the hell is my stimulus check, already!?
And you? We, here at Kendric Vineyards, are committed to helping you bear up equally stoically. That’s why we invented Wine™. Wine™ may help ease the inevitable bouts of anxiety, boredom and desperation to escape the rest of your house-bound family that are a natural part of sheltering in place. Four out of five isolated patients report that they “don’t know where the time went” while taking the recommended dosage of Wine™. Talk to your Doctor about Wine™. After all, they have nothing better to do right now. Together, you and Wine™ can make this whole episode a very vague and difficult-to-piece-together memory.

The Offer

And there’s never been a better time to try Wine™! Because now, for a limited time (like, this weekend only) Kendric Vineyards is having an everything-must-go, bare-to-the-walls, 50% off, inventory close out sale on all remaining, end-of-vintage Wine™. Just go to and enter Promo Code CLOSE OUT to receive 50% off your entire order.
The fine print: quantities are limited; volume discounts don’t add to 50% savings; no normal shipping discounts apply; clicking “Hold for pickup at winery” at checkout is advised for locals; pickup days will be this Sunday at 48 Tamalpais Ave. in San Anselmo and Monday at 401 13th St. on Treasure Island (social distancing protocols observed); reasonable alternative arrangements for larger orders can worked out; clearly, this sale favors SF Bay Area residents, but that’s only fair, considering our heightened sensitivities; IL and WA residents should contact me directly, owing to a lapse in shipping permits there.
Yours in mental health,

Stewart Johnson
Kendric Vineyards
(415) 806-4944 cell

Great deal. I’ve had the 2017 syrah and it was delicious, though young. Cool climate and just ripe enough, as I recall.


Any commentary/notes on the wines being offered/your wine-making style(s)?

All but the sangio come from my vineyard in Marin, so they skew to the cooler climate end of the CA spectrum. The sangio is from my Mom’s Shenandoah Valley vineyard. So, definitely warmer but picked in, I hope, a timely manner to avoid superripeness. The whites and rose tend to be pretty light and bright, and the reds tend toward earth and spice.

Thank you Stewart

Garagiste just had the 2016 pinot which I bought. These are great wines! Had the Pinots before and loved them. Can’t speak for the the other wines but John Gillman speaks highly of them. Great deal!

Order in for a case!

Unfortunately I missed the Garagiste deal. Too bad the Pinot is not being offered now by Stewart.


I went for a mixed case too.


My case arrived today!!

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Just had a 2008 pinot last night and it was singing, what great wine. Can’t believe I was buying that long ago!

Stewart where exactly can you put the Promo Code on the site? I dont’ see it anywhere.


Sorry Evan, that sale expired. I’d drop this thread off the list, but I don’t see how to do that. Since it has other people’s posts in it, I probably can’t.