Kelley Fox Wines – Two great offers with Free Shipping

Crazy times, call for crazy measures. When stuck at home, nothing makes the drudge of quarantine sneak away faster than some fine Pinot Noir. Kelley and I came up with the perfect antidote. We will be giving free ground shipping on all orders for the whole month of April. This, of course, includes the two amazing offers, which we offer at our Twelve Bottle Club membership pricing for the Berserker Supporters. The links below will take you to our website and the appropriate offer. We have everyone in our thoughts and we hope this blows over quickly.

The Mirabai Pinot Noir Relief

3 bottles of 2018 Mirabai Pinot Noir for $89.25 (originally $105).
Price includes free ground shipping.

“The Mirabai 2018 is a medium, youthful and merry blue-red with brilliant transparency. Like all of my other 2018 bottlings, it is deeper in colour than my 2017s. True to the Dundee Hills, this Mirabai begins with a nose full of Hood strawberries with some spices carried by a magic carpet of silk and beautiful length. The Mirabai has both Maresh Vineyard and Weber vineyard in it: the very spirit of true friendship between the two family farms in the Dundee Hills.” – Kelley Fox

The 2018 Maresh Vineyard Retrospective

4 bottles – one each of the different bottlings from the esteemed Maresh Vineyard for $276.25 (originally $325)
Price includes free ground shipping.

Four wonderfully unique expressions of the famed Maresh Vineyard.
1 Bottle of 2018 Maresh Vineyard, Pinot Noir
**1970 planted old-vine pommard and wadensville. Kelley’s longest running wine.
1 Bottle of 2018 Maresh Vineyard, Red Barn Blocks, Pinot Noir
**1970 planted old-vine pommard and wadensville. Block 1 and 2 next to the Red Barn
1 Bottle of 2018 Maresh Vineyard, Royal Ann Block, Pinot Noir
**1970 planted Pommard. Running along side a beautiful Royal Ann cherry grove
1 Bottle of 2018 Maresh Vineyard, Star of Bethlehem Flower Block, Pinot Noir
**1991 planted pommard at the top of the hill. A wine initially made for the wine club and it just became too popular to hide from the world.

If you would like to join our Newsletter for upcoming releases, you can do it through the website or through me directly. Our white wines will be slowly released over the coming month. Thank you for all your dedication to all of us little guys. You are welcome to contact directly with any questions.
Dustin Swenson

That’s a real Broncos fan right there! In for a Mirabai - I can only sneak so much by the girlfriend…

Wow, that Mirabai offer is one great deal! Just placed an order. The other is too, but over my budget. Thank you!

Holy Schnikes! Just ordered the Maresh Retrospective. Awesome deal!

I sprung for the Mirabai [cheers.gif]

Be well everyone! Curl up with a good book and favorite bottle.

Broke into the Berserker Day Kelley Fox Mirabai vertical tonight. Immediately ordered some of the 2018.

Just put my order in for one of each.

I think Mirabai means “must buy” in Hindi.

So I’m in. What a beautiful label, too. Looking forward to trying these.

I’m in for the Mirabai three pack!

I saw an email from Kelley Fox saying I got money refunded, which made me have the sadz thinking they had sold out or couldn’t fulfill my order. Lo and behold, they were just refunding me the sales tax on my purchase. How cool of them.

Wine came in yesterday, can’t wait to try it!

Just bought a 3-pack of the Mirabai. Looking forward to trying these out!

Gonna crack a miribai tonight

What’s the verdict?

I just posted the TN like 5 seconds ago.

I was pleased with the Kelley Fox wines I bought for Berserker Day.
I added a four pack of Maresh. Very interested to try these across the board and maybe even taste alongside an Arterberry Maresh Maresh.
I think I recall someone writing on this board that they wished Jim Maresh would make as good a wine from his fruit as Kelley makes from the Maresh vineyard.

I order a 3-pack of Mirabai back on 4/12 but haven’t gotten any notification of shipment going out yet. Have they been having delays?

Hopefully you received the shipping tracking info. There have been stupid delays at our shipping partner. I think they are finally above water a bit more. E-commerce is the only answer these days for all us little guys. Thanks for your patience. Cheers,

Hi Dustin-Are you extending the two offers through May. Thanks