Keeping white wine more than 1 day

I find that with whites, much more often than not, the white falls flat the second day with much, if not all, of the acidity gone. I have tried using a repour to preserve the wine and have not had much luck. This does not happen with reds. Outside of using a coravin, is there a way to enjoy a white more than the day of? I find that I drink way more red simply because I do not have to pour out half the bottle… my girlfriend hates riesling for example, and I have a decent stash of it. I worry that if I crack a bottle, half of it will go down the sink. One notable exception that I can think of is the morgan ranch marine chard. That was lovely the second day as well.

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freezing it is an option even if only as ice-cubes to use in cooking, but some here confidently freeze wine to drink later.

I drink a lot of white wines and will often recork them and put them in the fridge to finish later.

Most of these wines drink fine for days or weeks after opening. Many even improve.

Of course it depends a lot on which wines you are drinking; the farming, winemaking practice, etc. have a huge influence.


Everyone’s taste preferences are different, but if anything, for me, I find that whites are more tolerant of being kept corked in a fridge after a glass or two is poured out.

You could try pouring half the bottle into a split, and sealing it up with a cork, and putting it in the fridge. The cold and lack of air will retard oxidation, so it is often fine for several days. More effort than that might to find producers who make their wine in a very strict reductive fashion; that may be more tolerant of time/air when they are eventually opened.

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What kind of white wine are you drinking? All my young to middle aged 1er and GC white Burgs are solid through the second day and the younger ones improve. If you are drinking 70s Montrachet then yeah I’d say you should look to finish the bottle the first night.

I kind of wonder about any white that falls flat on day two; might have been better poured down the sink on night one.

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Generally oregon chardonnay. I just had a violin chard last night that had lost a fair amount of acidity on day 2.

I’m a Boston round convert:

buy a Pungo. Some prefer Coravin.