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Keating Wines 2014 BerserkerDay offer includes five different 3-packs. Two of which are inaugural releases and not officially released to the public until our Spring offer.

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3-pack 2012 Keating “Campbell Ranch” Pinot Noir, Green Valley - 15% off

3-pack 2011 Keating “Finvarra” Bordeaux Blend - 20% off

3-pack 2011 Keating “Buchignani” Zinfandel, Dry Creek Valley - 30% off

3-pack 2010 Keating “Beckstoffer Georges III” Cabernet Sauvignon, Rutherford - 30% off

3-pack 2010 Keating “Montecillo” Cabernet Sauvignon, Sonoma Valley - 40% off

Additional Savings:

  • Order 6+ bottles to receive FREE SHIPPING
  • Order 12+ bottles to receive an additional 10% off
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  • Some orders will be shipped immediately
  • Some orders will be held until mid-March due to cold weather (most states in the Midwest or on the East Coast will fall into this time frame)
  • You will receive a UPS tracking email 2 days before the wine ships. This will give you enough time to contact me if you are not around to receive the wine (
  • Please note in your order if you want me to delay shipping until a certain date
  • Please note in your order (or select Winery Pickup) if you will be picking up your wine at my tasting room

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BerserkerBusiness - open for sale 1/26/14

Cab lovers MUST try Eric’s Beckstoffer Georges III, and the Buchignani Zinfandel is one of the most structured zins I’ve ever had.

An every year must buy for me, six pack of the Zin. Thanks for participating Eric!

And that’s what I got, both packs! Can’t wait to try the Zins!

I very happily discovered this winery last year thanks to BD and as Todd said the George III is a must buy for those that prefer a more structured old school cab. The '08 blew me away and the only cab I buy anymore is Rivers-Marie and now this one. Also picked up some Zin as I have not had a chance to try Eric’s rendition. Thanks for participating Eric!!!

I’m in for a case of zin!!

Thank you for participating everyone!

I want to reiterate one thing early on. Shipping will be spread out from now until mid-March (weather). Once it is safe to ship, you will be receiving an email stating that “Your wine has shipped.” This email will come two days before the wine actually ships. This will give everyone an opportunity to email/call me to delay the shipment for any reason.

New name to me, but I’ll try the Zin. Looks interesting based on CT notes.

Love Love Love the GIII, and 09 kick butt on this past Christmas Eve, with my roast leg of lamb… Definitely the wine of the night… Looking forward to trying the zin…

Keep up the great work Eric!!! champagne.gif

In for the Georges III and the Buchignani. I wasn’t planning on buying any cab or zin today, and I almost stuck with my plan. Too good to pass up, though.

Thanks everyone for the recommendations, and also a big thank you to the silent purchasers.

If any newcomers to Keating Wines have any questions, you can post them here and I will answer them. I should be around most of the evening and tomorrow.

Bought twelve bottles today… the 2010 cab, the zin, the Fin Blend, and the Pinot.

I’ve tried all of these previously and enjoy them all. Great deal. Incredible wines.

IN for a couple of 3 packs … [cheers.gif]

A big thank you to everyone involved in this spectacular “virtual” event - to my loyal return customers, to the adventurous new ones, and to all the other wineries for making this event so popular.

In the spirit of fairness, I am keeping my offer open a little bit longer for those that missed out yesterday.
In the spirit of BerserkerDay, not much longer! My offer will be removed from the website at 11:00AM PST.

Looking forward to next year already.

Cheers everyone,
Eric Keating

edit - last reminder… the “Your wine has shipped” email will be arriving two days before it leaves my tasting room in order to give you some time to notify me of a requested change in ship date.


Because of the cold winter, shipping is being delayed a little longer than I expected. I am hoping the weather will warm enough in the Midwest to allow to ship everything out next week to arrive in late March.
There is still a chance, though, that the wine will not arrive until April.

For those that purchase from my Spring Release offer (March 17), I will combine the shipments and send them together.

Thank you for your patience,
Eric Keating