Keating Wines, FIVE special offers (30% off, shipping included)

Welcome BerserkerDay veterans and first timers!

I have put together five different wine packages exclusively for BerserkerDay. All offers will be 30% off and shipping is included (if you are a Wine Club member, or join the Wine Club, you will be receiving 40% off).
In my best effort to be concise, there will be a link directly below each offer that takes you to its specific order page which will have more details about each wine.

Click here to go directly to the BerserkerDay page of the shopping cart; this page has all five offers visible -

OFFER #1, “Beckstoffer Georges III Vertical” - 2011, 2012, 2013 Keating “Beckstoffer Georges III” Cabernet Sauvignon
Three bottles - $285 $199.50 - ONLY 24 AVAILABLE

OFFER #2, “Rockpile Duo” - 2012 Keating Rockpile Malbec, 2012 Keating Rockpile Petite Sirah
Two bottles - $80.00 $56.00 - ONLY 18 AVAILABLE

OFFER #3, “3-pack SVD Zinfandel Sampler” - 2012 Keating “Montecillo” Zinfandel + 2012, 2013 Keating “Buchignani” Zinfandel
Three bottles - $98.00 $68.60

OFFER #4, “Montecillo Cabernet Sauvignon Vertical” - 2010, 2011, 2012 Keating “Montecillo” Cabernet Sauvignon
Three bottles - $144.00 $100.80

OFFER #5, “Montecillo Cabernet Sauvignon Oak Series” - 2012 Keating “Montecillo” Cabernet Sauvignon - four 375 mL bottles, each aged in different types of oak.
Four half bottles - $125.00 $87.50

Shipping - Most orders will be shipped 1-3 days after purchase. Some orders could have delays due to cold weather. You will receive an automated email with tracking information prior to the wine being sent. If you would like to delay shipping for any reason, please leave a note in the Customer Comments section, or email me directly at
Cannot ship to - AK, HI, ND, NH, SD, UT
Third party shipper (shipments likely to be slightly delayed) - AL, KS, MA, NJ, PA

About Keating Wines: Established in 2006. Small production winery of roughly 1,200 cases per year sold mostly to Wine Club and visitors to my tasting room in Sonoma. Specializing in Zinfandel and Cabernet Sauvignon from exclusive vineyards such as Georges III, Montecillo, and Rockpile.

thanks for the GIII vertical offer, I’m in.


The G3 are so good and a great value here, you won’t be sorry.

In for the GIII vertical. I caved to peer pressure. (Not really, I’ve got prior vintages already)

Thanks everyone! I am glad to be participating again (on both sides).

This might be a good place to mention that not everything will be going out right away. In the midwest and on the east coast, the weather looks pretty good early next week, but it could get pretty cold by Thursday. Just in case there are any UPS delays or people aren’t available to sign, I’m going to hold off on sending some of these. Anything south of D.C. or with a short travel time will likely be going out very soon. You will receive an automatic UPS notification when it does ship.


Thanks for the great offers. It was a pleasure to meet you this summer in the tasting room. I throughly enjoyed a bottle of the 2010 G3 from last BD. Could not pass up the vertical, smoking deal on a very good wine.


Perennial favorite Eric Keating, with his always-great deals on BerserkerDay!

Bringing one of Eric’s Zins to share at Di Fara’s this month.

Purchased the Zinfandel sampler, looking forward to trying, thanks.

In for a Georges III pack!

Thanks everyone! I have been busy preparing shipments. Some of you will even have your wine tomorrow!

Another shipping note… if you are in Southern California, the wine will ship next week since I won’t be able to get it there by Friday.

Nice job, Todd, Brig, and all involved. [cheers.gif]

In for a GIII vertical, almost all sold out!

Eager to try the Rockpile Duo!

I just went in for the Rockpile duo as well, only 1 set left…

Eric, thanks for the great offer (I got the antepenult!), my order was just confirmed for the BGIII vertical to lay down beside the bottles of 2009 in my cellar.

Now maybe I can try one of the ’09’s without any undue ‘depletion anxiety’.

Shipping update…

I am still holding shipments headed to the Midwest and East Coast. Even though it is warm enough in those areas next week, I am still going to wait. It is going to be a warm weekend in the West (maybe 80 on Monday), so I would prefer not to risk having the wine sit too long over the three day weekend.

I am optimistic that many of the wines will ship out mid next week to arrive the following week, unless I was otherwise instructed. If another cold patch is headed for the Midwest and East Coast, however, there could be another delay.

Thank you all for your patience.

Shipping update…

The forecast for next week looks great for shipping. All leftover shipments will leave California in the middle of this week to arrive next week (mostly around March 9th give or take a day). An email with UPS tracking will be sent to you 24-48 hours before it leaves my tasting room.