Kavalan Solists

Anyone try this whisky? They do a lot of interesting barrel stuff and have won a lot of awards but wanted to see if anyone has enjoyed any of their whiskys. Is it worth the price?

Shrug. Up to you. They are all really young whiskies. I don’t think they’ll ever have a strong age expression program due to the amount of evaporation of aging in taiwan. I dunno. I love all things taiwan but I have trouble with their pricing. I feel they are too sweet, too alcoholic and too much stewed fruit flavoring. Next time you’re over try the barrique. I have a btl

You’re still my favorite import from Taiwan Charlie!

Meh. I bought a bottle of the first sherry version after being talked into it by a whisky merchant with whom I most often agree and I’ve tasted most of the others. Not my cuppa of whisky.

I long ago came to the conclusion that oddball cask finishes are an attempt on the part of the distillery to put lipstick on a pig. If the whisky is great, why re-cask it for finishing? Good whisky doesn’t require it. YMMV.

I enjoy it personally. I have a bottle of the Vinho Barrique and just purchased the Sherry, but it has yet to arrive. A friend and fellow WBer was raving about the Sherry Cask.

Different strokes for different folks I guess.

really big, really one note sweet alcoholic and oaky that sherry cask. The cask is really obvious and it’s very textured on the palate. If someone likes bourbon it’s like bourbon in a fresh sherry cask.

I recently picked up a bottle of the Solist Sherry Cask. Since I’m a sucker for Sherry finished and cask strength whiskys it was a no brainer. The nose is undeniably heavy Sherry and the finish is very long and so smooth. Definitely up there for me as one of my favorite single malts

I think the sherried Kavalan’s are often overdone/too sherried, but I have been impressed with their 1st fill Bourbon bottlings and the Brandy Cask Solist. People here loved the Vinho Barrique’s but I missed the opportunity to taste it myself. Imho they are Great whiskies given their age, with both tropical fruit notes (mainly pineapple), pit fruits (peach and apricot) and crisp lemony orange rind notes. If they are worth the tarif is another matter and as always to be judged by each of us individually

I just grabbed a VB in the last few weeks - wow what a whisky! I have an opportunity to get my hands on the new Amontillado but the price is pretty steep.

The sherry cask solist (and fino) are among my very favorite whiskies. I think this just depends on whether you like sherry. The px is probably my top whisky atm.

I 100% agree. if I want sherry, well, I will buy sherry.