Stole this from Maureen

Good for a few chuckles

Shame on The Drinks Business for publishing this puff piece. What a load of crap.

Title should be “John Kapon: I can’t believe I got away with it.”

For those who know John personally, please tell me what you think of him. I have only the word of a rep for them that loves him unconditionally and states his wine knowledge and expertise is over the top. She has encouraged me to meet him and share an evening. Any feedback?

Was Rudy the fact-checker?

Do you like hookers and blow?

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Ummm, who doesn’t?

Shouldn’t this be moved to Epicurean Exploits? I like Kapon with a beer can up its tuchas over a nice hot grill.


Anything using Central Texas Post Oak, DOCG

If Fox and Friends had a wine segment, this could be their first story.


You don’t need to know him personally to know he’s a scumbag. You might want to do some reading here.


Thanks Doug and others for the feedback. Think I`ll pass on the connection.

Wise decision, and that’s from somebody who used to know him.

Yikes! From these posts and the PMs, I got the message and am moving on.

glad we could help Blake

Same author, three days later…

Presumably when Moet first contacted them they replied that it wasn’t a positive story so they weren’t interested.

I would hope someone at The Drinks Business regrets running the fluff piece on Kapon. There’s so much information out there on what he’s done.