Kapcsandy Offer

Just got the offer on the '07 Grand Vin. This is the wine that Parker gave 100 pts to last December. Priced at $185

I think the 06 originally went for $140.

It is kinda surprisinng that it has not been sold out already.

That surprised me too.

Is this the result of their being too may 100 pointers this year. Is 100 point fatigue setting in?

I just got the offer today. I’ve been on the list for a few years.

Just my two cents here, which probably counts very little these days…

  1. It is fairly expensive
  2. It got a hundred points from RMP in a year that half a dozen wines got one
  3. (edited out)

The first two, one can deal with. But, the 3rd point better be backed up if it is going to be broadcast.

scarecrow also not sold out yet. I am also curious whether screaming eagle would sell out. people are paying $1000+ over CC on the other board

“3) (edited out)t”.

Bill you are on a roll lately. That is a relatively nasty accusation.

I’ve seen enough TNs to both question your statement and make me a buyer (which I rarely am for cab and/or that price point).

I have tasted this wine, and it is pretty great. I just wish it was not north of 2 beans delivered…

Not being nasty at all. This is exactly what was relayed to me. I trust the two people that told me independent of each other. Let’s face it, Parker does not taste blindly and he sits with the winemakers and winery owners across the table.

I have also heard that Scarecrow '07 is nowhere near a hundred pointer. The Saxum JBV isn’t a hundred points either as I have had the wine twice now. RMP stays at Justin Smith’s house while tasting the Rhone Rangers…correlation or me being on a roll?

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Just let me get my straw for the STFU cup…
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As for the topic at hand…$185??? where was this wine three years ago? Damn. Glad I backed up the truck on Maybach.

Funny you should mention it…I hear my FEDEX truck backing into the loading dock here at work…


I’m not a fan of the manner in which RP tastes because it is open to speculation & manipulation. I suspect score inflation is rather common for friends, but I can’t prove it (I think it is human nature & wine tasting is a better experience with friends). Taste is subjective and who knows, as demonstrated by recent scandals, if we are even tasting the same wine as the critic did?

If Kapcsandy is seriously inflated (my words, not yours), it would certainly be more sinister than mere score inflation. RP wrote the wine was, “absolutely riveting” and “flawless, seamless, profound example of Napa Cabernet”. It is a wine that he could not get off his mind in 2 weeks of tasting. Was he shoveling it on deep? Lou must be some special friend to generate that much love for a non-representative 100 pointer.

Contrarily, Scarecrow barely garnered “prodigious effort” from RP.

John, I have met neither RMP nor Lou. I don’t know the extent of the relationship, if any, that they may have. I am just bringing to light the three things in my original post above. Two are facts and the other is what was told to me and I offered up in context of the questions asked.

No agenda either way on this as I am not a buyer, but I do have some previous vintages in my cellar.

I can’t imagine anyone not buying because they think RP gave his friend a 100 point score. Besides being trashy gossip, it just does not seem relevant.

I think the economy is still reeling in the wine market. With the apparent exception of some part of the asian market, all sectors are hurting except the under $20. I am sure this wine will eventually sell thru.

I think just as big a reason is the RP’s influence is waning. His voice doesn’t carry the weight it used to for many reasons. I am a fan of his reviews but he no longer moves markets the way he used to. His last bastion of supremacy may be Bordeaux so it will be interesting to see how the 08’s and then the 09’s sell based on the points.

FWIW, I was a buyer of this wine. I loved the few earlier vintages I have opened and I expect this one to be even better!

I can get the 06 Oakville for 135…how good is it? I havent tried a Kapcsandy. Bill you know what I like…is this a buy or use the money for some AO Tokalon if I have to choose…

Berto, to be fair, all the Kapcsandy wines that I have had have been very good to exceptional. They aren’t the monsters that you and I like, but rather more structured and elegant wines. If it were MY MONEY, I would be buying the AO BTK for less money as I think it suits both our preferences a little bit more.

I am sure that somewhere along the way I will get to try the 100 point 2007 from them, and I will give it a fair shake.

Are they up to the second wave yet? I suspect that will sell out quite easily. First wave was only last week.

Thought so…