Kapcsandy 2019 Vintage Release

Release is now live.

Very surprised that nobody has posted anything about Kapcsandy’s 2019 release given the extremely high scores and praise this vintage is getting for them.
Also, I’m surprised there isn’t much talk about Kapcsandy on the board, especially when I believe that they produce some of the best juice in the entire country.
I think I’m going all in on this release and skipping out on the Scarecrow later this month. Makes more sense when you compare the dollar amount versus the quantity of bottles received.





I’ve never had Kapcsandy, but I think there’s a good chance I’ll taste there when I go to Napa later this year. It sounds like the make excellent wine.

They release wines at different times, which probably cuts into the “group excitement” index. I bought mine last year. The high cost also cuts into the excitement. As was brought up in the Impensata thread, there’s a very limited market for $300+ US merlot, no matter how good.

Kapcsandy makes excellent wines, very much my style, and I’ve been an active mailing list buyer for many years. That said, the wines are just about always available at auction for a discount compared to release prices. I find myself purchasing back vintages for less than what I paid for them at release, which has resulted in me buying fewer bottles from their mailing list.

The lack of interest here clearly correlates to the rather aggressive price. Grand Vin at $450 may seem inline with other Napa heavyweights, but they are all overpriced! Great options abound, just a few however, and no longer a secret. Do your homework!

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Is that availability at auction across all of their offerings to limited to certain wines?

In the past few years, I’ve purchased, at auction and via CC transactions, the Estate, Grand Vin, Roberta’s Reserve, and Rapszodia for less than release price. I’ve sold several at less than release price as well. They don’t hit the auction that block often, but keep an eye out for them.

They are great wines in my opinion, but I don’t see any real value in purchasing them via the mailing list.

Yes, they sell for a steep discount on the secondary market.

I’ve noticed that most of the California mailing list darlings of this board (realm, Aubert, maybach, kinsman, Macdonald, SQN, Andremily, heck even last week’s Sandlands offer) sell for more on the secondary. Maybe we are just shrewd consumers after all….