K&L shipping to NY again

Excellent (if somewhat dangerous) news

We’re back.

K&L is excited to return to your state through a new partnership with RareStorage. Focused on collectors, RareStorage has entered into a new arrangement with K&L to serve you. This unique collaboration is specifically designed to offer a renewed look at the K&L inventory.

You now have the option to select RareStorage at checkout at K&L. By doing so, your property will be transferred to our storage partner, RareStorage. They are a separate company, specializing in the secure storage of your personal property. They can also help you make arrangements to self-import your own possessions. Learn more at RareStorage.com

Once your K&L order gets picked and processed, it gets turned over to them. At that point, RareStorage will be in touch with you to arrange for either storage or shipment of your order. We maintain a close working relationship with them to ensure seamless processing of your orders.

Happy Holidays! We hope you take a look.

Finally!! I signed up right away.

Well, this partnership structure is all in CA, so it really isn’t shipping to NY. You are now simply arranging to have Rare Storage ship to NY, presumably after charging some fees to take possession and store your order in CA. This is their way of getting around shipping issues that could cost K&L their liquor license if they handled the shipping themselves and NY pursued enforcement against them.

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So what is a 12 bottle case of 750ml shipping cost to NY?

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I’m currently living in TX and received this same email. I’m guessing this arrangement opened up a number of states where K&L couldn’t ship directly. I think Chuck accurately described this partnership and I’m assuming any out-of-staters using it will pay CA sales tax. I’ll be interested to see what the total cost ultimately is …

It says $55 per case shipping (or $35 up to 3 bottles). Unclear if there are any additional charges.

I believe sales tax in CA is 7.25% vs 8.875% in NYC which I imagine offsets the shipping.

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Man, I have been doing very well not buying wine. Must resist temptation #2 of 2024.

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Wish they would add New Jersey as well…

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That’s pretty reasonable…

Just checked and looks like they still do not ship to AZ. So wild because i cant recall having issues with literally any other company.

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K&L needs to also ship to Nevada (Las Vegas valley) during the cooler months. Retail wine options here are not great believe it or not. I spent a fortune with K&L whilst I lived in California for 14 years and greatly miss that.

A dangerous development indeed.

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I purchased 6 bottles from K and L on Monday. They are already at my mailbox in Blaine Washington. Seems seamless. It was $35.

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