Justin Wells contact

Deal concluded, thanks Justin and buddy Taylor

well, at least you did get paid.

Did you check when the last time he logged on/posted was? maybe he stopped being active on this board? let’s take a deep breath here :wink:

Only Watford fan is Elton John, hes on tour so maybe hes just busy

Since you decided to hammer me here I guess I’ll post the response I sent.

You’ve been paid and I’ve accepted full responsibility for the bottles so not sure why you would be so upset unless a partial box of wine in your house is bothering you. I’m normally in Seattle every other week but haven’t been north a single time since buying these - for that I apologize. I didn’t realize we were under a time crunch and I should have been more communicative.

(Additional info regarding meeting this week sent as well. Offered to remedy Thursday.)

Same day I saw a leprechaun as well…a good day it was champagne.gif

Mark, I didn’t post on here willy nilly. I took a deep breath, consulted 12 wise people then posted,
See u soon fella.

There was never a time crunch. but your communication? Well I consulted many and all pointed to the feedback page and Voila you answered,
So perfect and thanks, Lets close this out soon,

thanks for the communication today,

Get your facts right Alan, there are 14 Watford fans at last count, and they all out sang the MCity bunch last week