Just got yelled at by Robert Chadderdon on Friendster. Pretty awesome!



That’s it Jim, I am never, ever buying wine from him again!


Why am I laughing? Oh yeah…It’s a jcoley3 post on sarcasm!


If it wasn’t so late I’d pop a bottle of bubbly.

do it. what’s stopping you? just do it because

You didn’t double dog dare me.

Look at Rick’s avatar! Ooooh.

(There could be my next to last bottle of Rocher des Violettes Crémant provoking me)

But bear in mind I do own a bubbles bar (one project) and am off tomorrow, so I can afford to be a bad influence… [wink.gif] champagne.gif

Thats!……what I’m talking about. Congrats Jim. Very happy for you.

And keep up the shizzle. WB needs it. Way too stuffy lately.



This is particularly funny when you know about Robert Chadderdon’s rather eccentric business model.

You got yelled at by him? Congrats, now you can buy his wines. Oops, too late…

ANYbody read Reflections of a Wine Merchant by Neal Rosenthal??
His comments on Robert C are hilarious.

Actually, the irony using this name is almost too much to bare -

Just don’t ask Jim about Boulevard Crown Ale or Pappy – very touchy subjects