June 1 Offline in DC

Jace is hosting an offline at his place centered around BBQ and wines to match (Zins, Syrahs). This has been posted on the WS forums but wanted to make sure that we included the audience from Berserkers as well. Dinner will probably be served on the porch and it looks like both types of bbq (Southern and Southwest) will be represented.

There has also been talk about a wine dinner on June 8 at a DC restaurant, probably Urbana.

Any interest in either of these events?

I’m tied up the 1st but might be up for the 8th.

We’re planning on being there on the 1st. If the 8th pans out, I might do that too.

If there is still room, I am interested in June 8th dinner.

Talk to me about the 1st…day before my birthday. Is it Metro accessible? -mJ

Obviously missed these events, but would be interested in future DC events (if there is a list).

Scot: I’m right in Old Town. We should try to organize something during the week. -mJ

There are a couple of groups in the DC wine area. One of them uses WS forums to organize the events - the zin dinner was great albeit wet as it was during the big round of storms on Friday June 1. We are currently discussing a dinner on July 7, probably at a restaurant downtown. Interested?

and wine varietal/region is still undeclared - discussion about Barolo or Western US Pinots.

I was hoping to make the event at Jace’s place, but ended up back home in NJ for my birthday. The weekend of the 7th I will be in NJ as well. Bummer! Will definitely catch up with you guys and gals eventually down ehre! -mJ