Jumilla Casa Castillo Pie Franco 2016

Jumilla Casa Castillo Pie Franco 2016 : 17/20 - 12/12/2021
Monastrell (mourvèdre). Volatile sans excès, pruneau, pomme blette. Très mûr, faisant un peu vintage portugais. Pensé Valpolicella de Quintarelli, trame dense avec un léger fond tannique.

Ah, it‘s been a long while since I‘ve tasted the Pie Franco. Had it in a blind tasting together with Pradeaux. While Pradeaux was the more refined wine (imagine that!), I preferred the Pie Franco for its depth and character. I am a bit surprised by the comparison with Quintarelli Valpolicella, I would consider Quintarelli less rustic and more dense than the Casa Castillo. According to your note the wine is rather ripe, at what alcohol level?

I would say 15°. No rusticity. What vintages did you taste ?

I very recently had an excellent 2012 Quintarelli Valpolicella. Some aromatic and structural link …

Btw, I already tasted this Casa Castillo Pie Franco 2016 in 2019. Great wine (18/20 and same rating for the beautiful Ribera del Duero Dominio del Aguila Canta la Perdiz 2015). I was not blind.

I also remember another tasting in 2019. The pie franco 2016 was great and compared to a Priorat (blind).