juge hunter: astor wines edition

go get em, only a $330 premium over the '14 [tease.gif]

So who bought? [training.gif]

Someone paid over 400 a bottle each for 09, 10, and 14 at hdh this week…

Prices are now over $400 for both ‘14 and ‘15 at retail and auction from what I’ve seen and more toward $450-500 retail, although supply and therefore sales are scarce.

Being that it will be last vintage from Juge and it being a good vintage, would this be more in demand?

HDH prices on Juge were crazy this week…

Perfect storm

Will these command Verset and ultimately Gentaz pricing in time?

Maybe I will buy one and see what the fuse is about.

In June hdh had a 6 pack of 15 juge. Went for under 300 a btl for their live auction. Might be a 2015 thing

that’s pretty funny. i’ve been a good customer of astor for years and typically get an email with some allocated items, but quantities are usually limited to 1 or 2 bottles. the 2015 juge was offered to me in september of 2018 (1 each magnum at $725 and 750 at $350 btw). i’ve been buying from then since i think the 2010 vintage at standard markups. when i asked about the price this is what they wrote:

I heard back this morning. This particular item was priced at market value because the buyers didn’t want other retailers buying the bottles and reselling/auctioning them.

i think the main reason for a no from me is that verset and gentaz represented the finest wines made in the appellation. that’s not close to true for juge.

i drank a mag of the 15 at emp last year and it was mid $300ish service included. while certainly a good wine, it is not something i would seek out…for what it is worth i greatly preferred the 14 finding it to be a much more distinctive wine.

I think likely yes, though maybe not quite at those prices. Very small production and the right following. The inherent quality isn’t really the point (I’m not the biggest Juge fan personally). If quality was the barometer, Guigal’s LaLas wouldn’t be some of the most expensive oak (err, I mean wines) in the northern Rhône.

Even Verset isn’t getting Gentaz prices.

That’s the kicker. For my tastes aged Verset >> Juge.