Joseph Swan Vineyards - Pinot Noir and Syrah Packs

Joseph Swan Vineyards

One of only two wineries where I’m in ‘the club’ as I can’t get enough, and this stuff cellars forEVer…

Pinot Noir of the Russian River Valley - $150 (savings of $36)
1 x 2007 Saralee’s
1 x 2008 Saralee’s
1 x 2007 Trenton View
1 x 2009 Cuvee de Trois
1 x 2009 Trenton Estate

Russian River Valley Cool Climate Syrahs - $60 (savings of $18)
1 x 2005 Great Oak
1 x 2006 Trenton Estate
1 x 2007 Trenton Station

To order, contact Cody at
alternatively call 707-573-3747 (not best choice)

In for a Pinot pack.

I get (I think) 2 shipments a year - only the Cuvee is an early drinker, but I’m confident in the long term storage of these babies…however, my club price is more than this BerserkerDay deal - wtf~!

Todd, you of all people should know to never underestimate the power of BerserkerDay.

E-mail sent for the RRV Syrah

Hey Zachary Lang - did you see this offer? [snort.gif]

He didn’t. But I did. Unfortunately, Cody never replied back to my email inquiring about shipping to NY. [pwn.gif]

The offer came up late and Cody received a lot of phone calls. It finally became beer time and he had to leave. He will be back Monday morning and get back to you then!

Thanks Rod.

‘Beer time’, lol - typical winery!

Rod, if you want to extend the offer through the weekend or until end of Monday, let me know!

I never got a confirmation on the RRV Syrah 3 pack, you guys must not like to let your juice cross the border. [snort.gif]

The Syrah RRV arrived today, Fri 3/2/2012. [cheers.gif]