The Dark side (and lighter side) of Joseph Swan Vineyards. 6 pack sampler of our “other (non-pinot noir) wines + free shipping!

Some know us only for pinot noir but in fact we make some other cool wines as well. While Joe Swan was waiting for his pinot noir vines to produce (pre-1972) he made not only zinfandel but gamay, cabernet sauvignon, French columbard and reisling. The tradition continues with some regulars and some occasional guests. We have put together two sample packs, one of our various chardonnays and one of our “other red wines”. We are offering a discount on each as well as free shipping to those places where it is allowed. You will need to contact Cody either by phone at 707.573.3747 or email as our website is too antiquated for us to put the deal there.

The Lighter Side:
One bottle each of 2011 chardonnay from Hawk Hill, Saralee’s, Ritchie along with 2011 Cuvée de Trois and Kent the Younger. Also one bottle of 2012 Trenton Estate Faux Pax. T

The Hawk Hill Vineyard is located in the southwest corner of the RRV AVA, very near the town of Freestone. This is a very cool, late ripening (Halloween in 2011) vineyard known for its great acidity and aromas of lime blossom and oyster shell. Ritchie, located just north of our winery supplies fruit to some of the hottest names out there. We make two wines from it. The Ritchie, from old vines, is a classic example of the vineyard. It is big and rich but with an understated elegance. The Kent the Younger is also from this vineyard but is made from younger Wente selection vines located on a very rocky, shallow soil hillside. It matures earlier and at a lower sugar level than the old vines and, while it carries much of the hallmark Ritchie vineyard aromatics and richness, it shows more nerve and higher acidity. (The name comes from the owner’s name, Kent Ritchie, and was initially just a barrel designation within the winery). The Saralee’s is made from the entirety of the only block of clone 809 in the vineyard. 808 is an earlier ripening musqée clone. It has all of the body and richness of chardonnay but with a beautifully apricot-ty almost viognier like character to it. The Cuvée de Trois is, like our pinot noir C3, a blend of the various vineyards and is meant to show the character of the RRV rather than the idiosyncrasies of the individual vineyards. Last is the 2012 Trenton Estate Faux Pas. (to be relased next month). A miscommunication during harvest resulted in our Estate vigonier and chardonnay being picked and brought into the winery at the same time. Rather than having to taste every FYB of grapes to sort them out, we decided to make just go with the flow and make one wine. Although predominately chardonnay, the vigonier makes a big statement. It is fun to try it next to the pure chardonnay Saralee’s and guess which one actually has viognier in it! There was only two barrels total (not a lot of white grapes in our vineyard) and will be released next month. The normal price for these would be $207+tax. Berserker special $175 (+tax where applicable) and FREE SHIPPING!

As I mentioned in the Windy Oaks thread, Joseph Swan is the only other producer that I was a member of the club for several years, with my Swans sitting pretty in the cellar.

oops, so much for copying and pasting. Here is the “dark side”.

The Dark Side:
1 bottle each of our 2009 Tannat Matthew’s Station (made from one of the few plantings of tannat in California).
1 bottle 2012
Côtes du Rosa (Mancini Ranch. Planted ca 1924 .Predomiately carignane. 100% whole cluster with treading). To be relased in February.
1 bottle each 2008 Mancini Ranch Zinfandel and 2009 Zeigler Vineyard Zinfandel. Both vineyards were planted ca 1924. We farmed both of them. They are separated by a county road. They are made the same way. Every year they are very different. Zeigler is typically the most peppery of the two and generally bigger and riper in character. It also ripens about two weeks earlier. The Mancini also shows the black pepper but usually has higher acidity and more boysenberry to Zeigler’s blackberry.
1 bottle 2006 Syrah Great Oak and 2007 Syrah Trenton Estate. Both cool climate, low production syrahs. Both vineyards have the same tight spacing and are planted to the same clone. However the soils in the two vineyards are derived from very different geology separated by about 100,000,000 years in ago. Trenton Estate is pretty, bright, violets and lavender to Great Oaks English saddle leather and meaty notes. Both have great acidity and the ability to develop in the bottle

The dark side wines are normally $176. Berserker special price of $150 (+tax where applicable) and FREE SHIPPING!

Pinot Noir?
Too many choices, too little time. If pinot is what rocks your boat, give Cody a call and he can put together a custom selection for you as well.

This offer is a one time Wine Berserker special!

How to we respond to buy? Here?

I believe you email, Leonard. Second paragraph mentions the phone number and email contact details.

Put in for a red six-pack. Eager to try the Zin and Syrah.

I love their Zins & Syrahs, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. Sadly I have many of these in my collection already. Still considering a purchase however. Also, the Cuvee PN is very good IMO.

I had to dive in for a Dark Side on this one.

OK. Thanks. I am in for the reds and interested in the pinots.

Just got my order today. I’ll let it rest for a bit then dig in.