Jones Family Homerun!

One of my favorite purchases of he year, the Jones Sisters and Estate mailer has arrived. An added bonus to the free shipping and amazing qpr of the Sisters is one free library bottle for every three purchased. With TRB overseeing this one, free ship and free bottles, its a GRANDSLAM homerun!

In for a case and will get 16 bottles, shipped free.

In these difficult economic times many have been drinking wines from their cellars. We have been doing the same and found some gems in our library. As a token of appreciation for your order we will be adding complimentary library bottles to your shipment. For every 3 bottles of the Estate you buy we will send you 1 bottle of Estate library wine, and for every 3 bottles of The Sisters, we will send you a past vintage of The Sisters. For those ordering a case or more of either wine, we will let you select which vintages you would like to receive (subject to availability in our library.) We will email case customers to confirm the vintages you would like added to your order.

What’s the freight on the estate, Mike?

Unchanged at $95.
$50 for Sisters

Hopefully more will follow their lead.

I don’t remember signing up for the list, but got an e-mail today and am waiting for a password. I’ve never had any of the Jones juice. It’s obvious that you think that they are worth the price. What is a comparable wine to these, style-wise?

I still have a few of the 97 Jones Cab Mike, tonight may be a good night to re-visit. [wink.gif]

Paul, I think the Sisters is one of the best deals in the Valley.

Jack, I just got 2- 1996 Estates for $67.50 per.

'97 Jones is the best juice I’ve ever had from there (haven’t opened the '02 or '05 yet). I’m vacationing at my dad’s place, and he’s got some beaucoup '97 in the Eurocave. It’s been drinking great and it’s definitely coming out!

Serious wow. Their first vintage I believe. I drank mine already. It was niccccee. You will likey. [thumbs-up.gif]

Yes, first vintage.

Actually 1996 was the first vintage…


Been drinking before posting again???

Ah…crap…with all those #'s I get easily confused…

In for three of the sisters. WHat the hell, Mike lives in NYC, so if I don’t like them, I can foist them off on him. [grin.gif]

Damn…impossible to pass on 8 sisters at less than 50 all in. Thats ridiculous

$33.50 per, plus tax? Nutty to pass up.

I got in on this one too. Great deal. I took 97 and 01 Estate as the freebies. Pretty nice freebies I say. opening 97 Jones tonight in honor.