Jonah crab

My seafood guy is offering both whole crab and claws. Anyone have experience with either?

I’ve been getting claws for $7-10/lb. Just steam and eat!

There was a great Jonah crab dish I used to get from a now closed restaurant in Hell’s Kitchen that served the crabmeat warm with some pea shoots and kohlrabi and a drizzle of olive oil with a little yuzu. It was great!

Claws are great!

I’m not sure what to do with the bodies. We went through a ton of Jonah crab in Maine a couple of weeks ago. Claws only off the boat already steamed. Delicious but takes some picking to get the meat

They are also offering just claws, so I think I will start off with those.

I’ve gotten the claws several times this summer (different purveyor Mark), they come steamed. Usually serve cold with a dipping sauce based on Joe’s Stone Crab. Lot of work per amount, but tasty and a good appetizer. Brent gets a better price than I did.