Jolie Laide Wines Pick Up and Open House 5/11/2019

The wines of Jolie Laide are some of our favorite wines. Scott Schultz has an uncanny ability to make wines that are concentrated, full of flavor and structure yet are low alcohol and usually crushable :slight_smile:

The Open House was held at The Barlow in the Pax facility and there was a good crowd during the afternoon, Tasting, having some nibbles and picking up their wine from Jolie Laide, Pax and Jaimee Motley Wines.

The Jolie Laide labels are always my favorites and they always tell an interesting story. From the website: We continue to adorn our bottles with the art that surrounds and inspires us. Because our wines are a celebration of the year and seasons in which they were made, always different and unique, no two bottlings are ever the same. We honor each distinctive vintage with new artwork; sometimes our own, our friends or collaborations with artists across oceans. We are particularly excited this year to be showcasing the talents of not one, but 10 different resident artists from the CREATIVE GROWTH ART CENTER. Creative Growth is the oldest and largest nonprofit art studio for artists with developmental, mental, and physical disabilities.

Speaking with Scott while I was tasting the wines, I mentioned that his 2018’s were all delicious. He smiled and gave my quote of the year so far. "2018 was the perfect growing season. No heat spikes but still warm. All I did was stay the fk out of the way".** This really does sum up Scott’s philosophy. Hands off, let the wines do the talking, low alcohol, NO new wood, early but ripe picks. Onto the wines.

2018 Melon de Bourgogne Rodnick Farm (formerly Antle Vineyard) Chalone: This wine is a favorite of ours. Whole cluster pressed to concrete eggs. Aroma of mixed citrus, flowers and ocean sea breeze. Flavors of lemon zest, orange blossom, chalk, minerals and mouthwatering acidity. One of the very best domestic whites for shellfish. They were serving raw oysters and this wine with the oysters was a match made in heaven. Don’t ask for any, this sold out in 2 days. 11.5% ABV.

2018 Pinot Gris Sonoma County: The 2018 comes from 3 sites compared to two vineyards in previous vintages. Crushed by foot for a 3 day whole cluster cold soak which adds phenolic texture while lending a beautiful rosé Champagne-like color. Peach pit, orange oil, acacia flower framed by a good dose of acidity and a bit of tannin making this an ideal food wine. 12.0% ABV

2018 Rose of Valdiguie Mendocino From the Buddha Dharma Vineyard, City of 10,000 Buddhas in Ukiah: Grapefruit pith, Blood orange, strawberry. mouthwatering acidity and a very slight bitter finish. Summer love in a bottle. 11.9% ABV

2018 Gamay Barsotti Vineyard El Dorado County: Grown at high elevation in the beautiful red granitic soils of the Sierra Foothills. Picked in two separate passes, one early and one a bit later makes for a wine a bit riper and fleshed out than in years passed. Started by carbonic maceration then crushed by foot. Berry, floral and herbal aroma. Young with grapy, raspberry fruit supported by earthy, floral and herb notes. Excellent already, goes down very easy which is good and bad :slight_smile: Another wine I should have bought more of but also sold out. 12.0% ABV

The Spring Release of Jolie Laide features the “lighter” wines in the line up. The next release in the late Fall will feature mostly reds, Syrah, Grenache etc along with the Trousseau Gris.

Jolie Laide Spring Release with the best labels ever!

Thanks for the notes, Tom. I’ve been impressed with the Jolie Laide wines too, and I’ll have to see if some of these show up at my local wine shops.

Everyone should pick up a case of that Melon. Damn, that is some great wine. As Thomas described-loaded with flavor, but still elegantly styled. I will smash that all summer.

Gamay was also a favorite from the tasting.

Thanks for the tasting notes, Tom!!!

Ken, I’ve seen a bit of Jolie Laide locally. If you do see some, give them a try. You won’t be disappointed.

Ryan, your note sums up my thoughts as well. Should have bought a case of the Melon… and the Gamay, Rose, Pinot Gris [cheers.gif]


Already kicking myself for not ordering more of the spring allocation. These are really good wines. And yes the Melon…probably my favorite.