Johan Vineyards @ BDIX: biodynamic verticals and horizontals (ground shipping included!)

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JOHAN VINEYARDS BERSERKER DAY IX DEALSThis year we put together a few exciting deals for everybody looking to get their hands on some honest, biodynamically farmed wine from the Willamette Valley! We are offering berserkers: an exciting vertical of our '07, '08, '09, and '11 Pinot Noir “Three Barrel” releases, a terroir-driven horizontal of our new 2014 Chardonnay releases, and some killer deals on our Pinot Noir Pét-Nat and classic Pinot Noir “Estate”. Some of these wines are only offered in very limited in quantities (please see limits below), so jump on these offers while you can!*** * * * * * * * * * Deal 1* * * * * * * * * ***
Pinot Noir “Three Barrel” Vertical 4-Pack

These wines are the result of our annual barrel selection process, through which we determine the three most alluring and exotic barrels from the vintage. Our goal is to blend a final product with the structure and integrity to easily age 10+ years, while still having delicate phenolics and aromatics that will develop positively in bottle. Year to year, the wines vary in their components in terms of clone and rootstock selections, however they all deliver a special, austere expression of Pinot Noir that is both firm in structure and explosively aromatic. These are the last few bottles of what were the most elegant wines of their respective vintages.2007 Pinot Noir “Three Barrel”
Clones: 667/115, 83% Whole Cluster, 15 months aged in barrel (66% New Oak)

2008 Pinot Noir “Three Barrel”
Clone: 115, 100% Whole Cluster, 18 months aged in barrel (33% New Oak)

2009 Pinot Noir “Three Barrel”
Clone: 667, 100% Whole Cluser, 18 months aged in barrel (33% New Oak)

2011 Pinot Noir “Three Barrel”
Clone: 777, 100% Whole Cluster, 18 months aged in barrel (66% New Oak)

*BerserkerDay IX deal: $180/4-pack ($45/bottle!) incl. ground shipping. Limited to the first 12 “4-packs” sold
*** * * * * * * * * * Deal 2 * * * * * * * * * ***
Chardonnay Horizontal 3-pack

We believe that of all the varieties on our property, Chardonnay is one of the most expressive of it’s sense of place. There are six clones of Chardonnay planted on our estate, and each communicates it’s terroir differently. We divide up these selections into three different releases that each highlight specific aspects our terroir through their own lens. This is a special, early release offering for all three of our 2014 vintage Chardonnays for Wine Berserkers only, so come and get it while it’s hot!2014 Chardonnay “Konkret” $25
The Konkret (concrete in Norwegian) bottling is an isolation of our older vine Dijon Chardonnay, planted at the base of the vineyard. Although the lower slope has deeper soils, the soil has the highest concentration of granite beneath these vines. There is a mineral expression we capture here, and we then further encourage this expression by fermenting the juice in concrete tanks. After 2 months of native fermentation, we transferred the wine to Feuillette (30gal) barrels, to undergo malolactic fermentation and an additional 12 months of aging.

2014 Chardonnay “Visdom” $33
The Visdom (wisdom in Norwegian) bottling is a study of secondary and tertiary aromatic development in Chardonnay. With extended aging prior to bottling, we see the focus shift from fruit intensity to our true vineyard expression. After 18 months of barrique aging (33% new), the wine was bottled with a small amount of lees to allow the wine to stay in contact with the yeast taking advantage of the complexities that develop with late stage yeast autolysis.

2014 Chardonnay “Noble” $35 <375mL>
In order to achieve the desired Noble Rot in 2014, we left the grapes out to hang far later than our regular chardonnay harvest, and ran the overhead sprinklers (normally used for frost protection), in order to create the perfect conditions for botrytis to form. The grapes were harvested in late November, pressed and fermented in barrel. Fermentation was arrested at 33.8g/l, and after 18 months in barrel this wine was bottled in 375ml half bottles.

*BerserkerDay IX deal: $75/3-pack Limited to the first 12 “3-packs” sold

*** * * * * * * * * * Deal 3 * * * * * * * * * ***
“Pét-Nat” of Pinot Noir 3-packchampagne.gif2016 Pétillant Naturel $23
Pétillant Naturel is a method of producing sparkling wine, also referred to as “Methode Ancestrale”, where the carbonation occurs from bottling the wine during the primary, alcoholic fermentation – in order to capture the carbon dioxide that is being naturally released. This sparkling rosé was made from all estate-grown, Demeter certified Biodynamic® Pinot Noir grapes. The fruit was picked relatively early, at lower sugars and higher acidity, for a fresh and juicy expression from our site. After 24 hours of skin contact, the grapes were pressed and fermented in a stainless steel tank before it was bottled at the tail end of its primary fermentation on October 26, 2016. Sans soufre for your health.

*BerserkerDay IX deal: $60/3-pack or $100/6-pack incl. ground shipping. Limited to the first 12 “3-packs” sold

*** * * * * * * * * * Deal 4 * * * * * * * * * ***
2014 Pinot Noir “Estate” End Of Vintage BDIX Blowout
[cheers.gif]For those who are on BDIX looking to stock up on classic Oregon Pinot Noir, we are offering a half case and full case deal on the last of our current release Pinot Noir "Estate"2014 Pinot Noir “Estate” $28
The goal behind the Estate bottling is to make a wine that is representative of the entire farm as a whole. We achieve this by selecting small parcels of fruit from every combination of rootstock/scion, slope, soil profile, and vine age on the property. We keep all lots separate through vinification and aging to evaluate and learn how each parcel performs over the different vintages. We then bring them together for a harmonious blend in the bottle, full of nuance and complexity. The 2014 vintage was significantly warmer than average, however our relatively cooler mesoclimate allowed the retention of acid to support the riper expression of our estate. Currently showing bright aromatics and acid with deceptively mature tannin, has so much more to give ageing in bottle.

BerserkerDay IX deal: $120/6-pack or $230/case ($19.16/btl!) incl. ground shipping.
We will be offering a 20% off special for all WineBeserkers who purchase any of the 3 sampler packs offered…applicable to the retail pricing on all of our Johan wines for the next 6 months!
(*keep in mind: quantities are limited on some of the wines offered for WineBerserker Day!).

Thank you so much to the Wine Beserkers community for your support over the years! Cheers and Happy Beserker Day IX![thankyou.gif]****To order, contact Jack at

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Dan,what is the difference between the Johan and the Art+Science PetNats? I’ve had the Johan PetNat before and loved it, and I was curious.

Good question Sheila - I was curious about this too … just opened a Johan PetNat last weekend and loved it!

The main difference between the two is the vineyard source. Johan is my “day job” and Art + Science is mine and my wife’s personal label. The Johan Pet-Nat comes from the Johan estate vineyard, certified Organic and Biodynamic. We farm a block in the vineyard specifically for this wine, with a goal of achieving ripe fruit flavors while retaining acidity for freshness. The Art + Science Pet-Nat comes from a vineyard up on Ribbon Ridge called Armstrong Vineyard, where I consulting on the organic farming program (although this vineyard is not certified organic). The wines are made in exactly the same style, with just a few days of skin contact before pressing, and then bottling just before the end of fermentation to capture the remaining CO2 from fermentation in order to carbonate the bottle. One final thing to note is the A+S wine offered is vintage 2017 (fresh & juicy), where the Johan is 2016 (having a full year to finish fermentation and coalesce in bottle). Hope this helps!

In for deal 1. Email sent if its still available :slight_smile:

Just looked at the website… do you ship to VA?

Got it! [cheers.gif]

Yes we can!

Sent email earlier for a Three Barrel 4 pk in case it got missed. Can’t wait to try these!

Got it! Thanks Cody

Email in for some pet nat. Got it last year and enjoyed immensely.

Thank JP! Got it champagne.gif

Went for another 6 of the pet nat and trying the chard

Cheers Dave!! champagne.gif