Joe's vs. George Stone Crabs

Hi All. The earlier thread on stone crabs in general got me going on George vs. Joe and I have an occasion to order coming up. I’ve had Joe’s many times and know what I’m getting and am willing to pay the difference. But I’m always looking for an alternative, especially when an icon is gouging. Can anyone vouch for George? Will be shipping overnight, not on site.

Thanks in advance for any comments.


I live in Los Angeles and order from both George and Joe a couple of times a month during the season. To my taste, the best combination of price and quality are… Jumbo crabs from George. Shipped overnight and eaten the day of arrival.

“A couple times a month…” I want to grow up to be just like you.


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Cost about the same for the season as a bottle of Rousseau Chambertin

My 91-year-old father loves crab. Loves. Dungeness are his favorite, but availability is sporadic, so I augment with Stone crab claws during the season. He’s given me so much during my life that I am thrilled to be able to eat fresh crab with him as frequently as possible.


A good a reason as can be Mark. I hope my kids feed me crab when I’m 91


We haven’t indulged yet this year.
That might change on Saturday.

Keys Fisheries has large for $52 per pound right now, but we’ll buy local rather than driving to Marathon.


I pulled the trigger on the devil I know, Joe’s, because it’s for a special occasion and I know what I’m getting. But Mark has now inspired me to have Stone Crabs again soon, just because life is short, and I’ll try George then.

Compromise is such a bitch.

I think you can write that off under R&D

Looks like Stone Crabs will still be the choice for the near future


Shrimp burgers with KW Pinks to follow.