Joe's Stone Crab and '05 Aubert Ritchie vineyard

I go with a fiend who has $$ relationship and gets almost flirtysmile immediate seating.
No need to tell those who know the stone crabs are superb. I am going to try to get back there several times for lunch so I can try their aged steaks and I saw a serving of liver and onions that looked wonderful.

I just found out they have a NO CORKAGE policy if the wine is not on their list. I placed the '05 Aubert on the table and within a minute a cooler was brought over and wine glasses (large, but Libbys rolleyes) were brought to the table. No sweat, no discussion. [thumbs-up.gif]

The wine was a melange of rich fruits, I believe at its peak. I can’t imagine it getting better great to drink and it quite worked with the minor mustard flavor of the crab dip.

I really like Joe’s Stone Crab. I have been a few times. They have terrible wine glasses but nice service. Great stone crab too.

The 2005 Aubert Ritchie is fabulous. We had the 2005 Lauren in Boston a couple of weeks ago, and paired with some simply prepared Nantucket bay scallops, I could not imagine a much tastier combination.

The past couple of days have been like summer here, and I indulged myself by opening a 2009 Aubert Lauren. Knowing I had some of these that will continue aging in the cellar, I got up the courage to pull the cork on this baby. For a young Aubert, it was amazingly open. Interestingly, I preferred the first glass to the second. I had thought it would open more, but for some reason it was the opposite. I have the other half to enjoy tonight. Well, maybe almost half [cheers.gif] .

Love Joe’s. Cioppino and fried chicken are my 2 favorites after the stone crab claws.

Several others had told me about the fried Chicken but I had forgotten, thank you.

Several others had told me about the fried Chicken but I had forgotten, thank you.