Jets/Yankees and other bad food pairings

I was at the gym this morning and I was talking to a guy who mentioned that he was a Jets/Yankees fan. I suggested that was as bad as pairing fried calamari with sautéed chicken livers. Other thoughts on bad food pairings, just for fun?

How about a fountain of chocolate served after pulled pork? [wink.gif]

Was travelling for work out in southern Indiana and one of our field supervisors met us for lunch at a local diner. He ordered a fried fish sandwich and a chocolate milkshake.

Hmmm… as a kid I loved buying an oreo ice cream sandwich and a jamaican spicy beef patty and alternating bites between them. Tasted good to me, but others found it gross.

On the wine/food front it amazes me how after fourteen years, I still have to stop my wife from pulling out sour spicy salsa and chips for the guests when I have just poured them the first glass of lovingly slow-oxed burgundy with a cheese tray.

There was deep fried turkey and Flannery hangar steak in between.

Geno Smith and IK Enemkpali?