Jeff, congratulations!

Jeff who?

lol, I know - I went to put in a note last night and the home page was nothing but Leve notes on my wines.

I guess even Jeff got tired of waiting for “My Wines”. [whistle.gif]

Thought you didn’t post here anymore. [scratch.gif] neener

Jeff’s smart enough to have kept all his notes. I know several who had their only copies on eRP/Squires’ forum, and they don’t have access anymore (without paying).

Jeff, feel free to post them here!

Which is why the power of the CT is so unique–it creates a logical, organized legacy of notes that can be easily posted, retained and shared. I just wish the larger community would take to using the CT forum for notes, even if the user chose to not use the power of the inventory feature.

Agreed, but the whole community doesn’t use CT - many like to just keep their own notes. We’ll take them all!

Again… Jeff who?


This is something I mostly did not understand about eBob: people using it as a database to store notes. I suppose it existed before CT, but CT is just so much better for this purpose.

Plus, when notes are posted to a forum, most of the comments are things like “thanks for the update” “you’re drinking well” “nice” and so on. I get that all in one place with CT as notes on the wine I own are listed as they appear. And with the new interface for CT, people can make the same comments.

Then again, I am more interested on a macro level–seeing how a wine is trending, qualities of varietals and regions, and so on. One note is just a data point in my way of thinking which is why a database is much more helpful than a forum in that regard.

I do like comparative notes from tastings, though. But that is a feature that CT handles as well in terms of events.

Most likely Jeff Leve . . . unless I’m mistaken . . .

Yup, I really did it this time. I joined the modern age. And there’s more to come. Within a week or two, I will have my own blog/website up as well! It’s going to be similar to my Facebook stuff, wine, food, my dog etc, but with a lot more detail, links, stories, wine profiles etc. Plus a bunch of winemakers have agreed to chime in and answer questions. I hope a lot of you will visit and hang out when you can.

It was a lot of work putting together all those notes. It was similar to booking passage on a time machine. I started remembering all the amazing dinners and numerous names, places and faces from the past.

I put up about 1,500 of my notes from the past 7 years. I have not seen those notes since I originally wrote and posted them. This project was a trip down memory lane.

I seldom take notes. Most of the time, it takes away from the experience of the evening. I only write about a fraction of the wines I taste. A wine needs to move me to want to capture and share the experience. Today, I find it just as interesting to write about wines like Grand Puy Lacoste at dinner with my girlfriend as I do a bottle of Latour. Taking notes allows people a better understanding of tasting wine as well as helping them decipher why they like a wine or not.

I was amazed at how many great wines I’ve been able to taste over the years. The number of First Growths and other high end bottles that were casually popped at a moments notice, could not be replicated today due to their high replacement cost. They are reserved for special nights, birthdays, celebrations etc.

Hoping to do something new, I’ll be in Bordeaux for a change. As I’ll have a site, I’ll be taking notes on as many wines as possible.

Congrats, Jeff. Sounds like a good choice for a Bordeaux Ronin.

Jeff, where are your Burgundy notes? Are you posting those too?


There’s a note about 1990 LT in there, 99 points too. blahblah

I guess I should have used a smilie, Serge. [snort.gif]

Jeff, glad to have your notes in CT. Truly value added for CT imo. Just curious-- why did you not use MyWines? Are you still a mod over at ERP?

Hi Jeff,

Why did you wait all these years until MyWines was finally announced to do this? I’m really not trying to be confrontational, but I do perceive you as a big supporter of RP, so I’m curious if we should read something into the timing of this?

I thought a virus had infected CT.

I don’t Horge but couldn’t resist this one. [smileyvault-ban.gif]