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Saw a tweet from Jeb (one of like 10 people I follow on twitter [whistle.gif] )saying that his site was now live. I signed up because his focus on the Central Coast and the Rhone valley are areas I am very interested in and, I respect his palate and knowledge those areas.

Anyhow, I haven’t spent a ton of time on his new site, but it comes across as very professionally produced and some of the early content looks very good! I also like the cellartracker integration, which is always a nice bonus.

I didn’t a bulletin board or message board on his site, and since I subscribed I know there isn’t one hiding behind a paywall pileon , so maybe we’ll start Jeb around these part before too long!

I subscribed today. It is nice and encouraging to see that he has articles on Mike Smith and Tony Biagi up already!

And Halcon Vineyard. Might as well start at the top and work your way down. Happy for all three of tgem. Well deserved.

High praise for the '15 Myriad Halcon

“I started my notes on the 2015 Syrah Halcon Vineyard with “More Côte Rôtie than Côte Rôtie!” and if I had to pick a Syrah to pass undetected, and come out on top, in a blind lineup of Côte Rôties, this would be it. This inky colored beauty is darker and more mineral-laced than the Sangiacomo Vineyard and gives up lots of black raspberry, scorched earth, black pepper and loads of classic Syrah violets and floral nuances, with more tapenade and bay leaf notes (which I always find from this vineyard) developing with time in the glass. Backward, firm, and structured, it needs to be forgotten for 3-4 years, and is going to see its 20th birthday in fine form. This is easily the greatest wine I’ve tasted from this vineyard. Bravo!”

I just noticed he has an article in Benoit Touquette up there as well! This is looking good.

Was hoping for a 3 or 4 month trial at $19.99 to see how much content Jeb can get up between old RR notes, ERP notes and unique new content not originally found in either his previous roles.

Here is what he has up so far…

I was looking thru it Brian.

Thanks, Alex! Working on the CT integration this week and will send out an email when it’s all set up. Correct, no bulletin board. As always, holler if I can help.

Jeb - Will the reviews from the Rhone Report days be included?

Hi Steve,

Correct, all of the Rhone Report reviews have been pulled over into the new database.

Congrats Jeb! I did find it interesting that in your Scoring explanation you mention that you feel individual notes with a score are helpful, but aggregate scores (panels, avg scores of multiple people like a CT average) are not useful information.

Hi Barry,

If Jeb meant otherwise, I doubt that I would ever dream of subscribing to his work (which I certainly will).

The argument against averaged scores was always (and was expressively stated on the frontpage of every issue of TWA) one of the major reasons for this wine geek to follow Robert Parker instead of, say, The Wine Spectator.

Hi Jeb,
Congratulations once more! champagne.gif
I take it that you’ll not be commenting on the TWA Bulletin Board anymore, so if I have questions can you suggest where to pose them besides here? (I’m not on Twitter or FB)


Thanks very much, Peter, and it’s greatly appreciated. Unfortunately, I’ve been permanently banned from the TWA Bulletin Board, but I’m happy to answer questions here, social media, or via email (from my site).

Permanently banned? Good grief…

Best of luck with the new endeavor!

Jeb joins the club!

We are all like the happy misfits from that old Rudolph Christmas animation.

Squires has now banned Jeb?


Truly the heretic is hated even more the infidel!

I should be surprised, but of course I’m not.