Jean Luc Le Du passed away

Yannick Benjamin posted on Instagram that Jean Luc Le Du passed away overnight. Just horrible news, a true gentleman and a scholar. Stunning news to say the least

Owner & Manager at Le Du’s Wines since 2005. Before that, he was a sommelier at Restaurant Daniel. Apparently, he died in his sleep last night. He was only 52.

Oh. My. Just terrible news.

Crazy. Shocked and saddened.

Holy crap. A really good guy. Best to his family.

Wow. Just Wow.
I did a double take when I read Lettie Teague’s tribute to him today in the WSJ, where she referred to him as the late, great, Jean Luc Le Du.

Saddened that I never got to meet him, though we traded IMs on FB.

This is a terrible loss for his family, his employees, and the wine community at large.

A really sweet guy who when you were in his presencd couldn’t help but love his energy! Very, very sad!

Great guy with a fascinating resume. That kind of great experience made him unique on the NY wine scene

Very sad loss and far too young. Only met him once but found him polite and deeply knowledgeable. Too few retailers with anything approaching his level of expertise.


Very sad to see this. I only met him once — at the old Daniel, over twenty years ago. But he was singularly responsible for my wine epiphany when he recommended and served us 1995 Didier Dagueneau Pur Sang followed by 1994 Lilian Ladouys. I was already becoming a little curious about wine at that point but the Pur Sang experience in particular tipped me over the edge. Adieu, Jean Luc.

I remember a tasting of Ridge Monte Bello. The 1968 was magical, and I said it reminded me of the 1961 Latour. “No Mark, it has much more in common with the 1959.” Charming French accent and all. There aren’t many who can outgeek me, Jean Luc did it with ease.

Sad and shocking news. So young.

52… So young.