Jean Edwards Cellars Library 2-pack SOLD OUT!

Jean Edwards Cellars

Start 2012 off with some cabernet from our library – a 2-pack of 2006 Jean Edwards Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon wines.

You’ll receive one 750ml bottle each:
(see email for more)

  • 2006 Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon
  • 2006 Stagecoach Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon
    $80 (for the 2-pack and free ground shipping)

We’ve set-up a special ordering page for you from our homepage:
Click on the 2012 Berserkers Offer link
UserID: 2012
Password: 1272012

FYI - the offer says we can’t ship to NJ but we can (just confirmed with our compliance group).


In for a pair

Yo! Aaayyyy!

In for two 2 packs.


@cliffordbrown3 on Twitter
cbbrown3 on Cellar Tracker

Had The Situation take care of compliance for me. [snort.gif] Thanks everyone for ordering…


In for a two-pack. Thank You.

Thanks everyone - I only have about 20 of these 2-packs left…

If you’re still deciding - the wines are regularly $120 (this offer is for $80 and includes free shipping). Our Stagecoach Vineyard Cab fruit is from a vineyard block high on Pritchard Hill. We blend in a bit of cab franc in this wine - a slightly softer style. Our Napa Valley Cab is 100% cab primarily from Howell Mountain - and a bigger profile. The wines are very traditional in style - not overly extracted or fruit-forward. Some additional info is available on our website or feel free to PM me.


I resisted so far on any purchases on BDIII… until now when I saw stagecoach vineyard for $40! flirtysmile

Bam in 4 1

been waiting for this! [thankyou.gif]

In for these!

These wines (and Karen!) ROCK.

Hi Karen, I’m trying to order two of the 2-packs…but getting this strange error when I go to hit the SUBMIT button that says, “Cannot submit contact form with filling out a hidden field”. I have no idea what that means of what I’m doing wrong. HELP!!

I’m in too! Can’t wait to try your wines, Karen! newhere

These wines pair very well with NY Giants victories.

I’m in for a two-pack.

I am in for some.
Looks like today is an all Cab day for me [wow.gif]

hopefully I’m IN.

Chris - I sent you an email. I’ll hold 2-2-packs for you and then we’ll catch-up on ordering info…


Got it - thx for ordering.