Jasper Hill Farm — Cave Aged Cheese from Vermont's Northeast Kingdom — 29% off our Ripe and Ready!

Crafting a Taste of Place in Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom.

For the Berserkers:
Thanks for reading all that and getting to know us. Our goal is to reach out to like-minded connoisseurs and stress the importance of supporting vertically-integrated agriculture, regenerative low-carbon farming practices, and bolstering our rural communities. Wine Berserkers is a buzzing hive of just that type of individual and we’re honored to be a part of NewbiePalooza!

We wanted to extend a couple of deep discounts on some delectable cheese so that you might have some additional pairings on your cheese boards this holiday season.

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We also sent Willoughby as a part of our tasting kits for our intrepid samplers. So if you’re reading their tasting notes and really, really want to add one on, we want to toss you a discount there as well!

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(Thanks to Jasper Hill Farm for the complementary tasting)

My wife and I tasted 4 cheeses and a bonus salami. We let the cheese rest at room temperature for about an hour per the vendor’s recommendation. Sampled all the cheeses on day two (and three, and a week later :slight_smile:. The cheese last very well in the fridge!

Whitney - Wine Washed Cow’s Milk - aromatic semi-hard cheese that softened as it warmed with hints of nutty floral notes. Excellent texture and lingering finish while still on the milder side. Meltable, but seems like this would be a good versatile snacking cheese. Really distinctive flavor profile. My wife’s favorite.

Cabot Clothbound - Cheddar - really nice cheddar with perfect firm texture. More on the savory side of cheddar compared to more saline aged British Isles cheddars. Excellent depth of cheddary flavor without any cloying notes.

Harbison - Spruce Bark Wrapped - cows milk, very runny at room temperature. Nutty, smoky, mild flavors and gorgeous texture. My favorite of these cheeses. Really reminded me of a classic runny country French Brie that you cannot usually find in the US.

Willoughby - Washed rind - cows milk, tangy soft cheese, not quite at the triple cream level but very soft at room temperature.

Babette’s Table - Saucisson Sec Dried Pork Sausage. Meaty firmly textured salami with excellent chew and lingering spicy peppery finish. With richer porky flavors and extremely rich natural overtones.

Served with my friend’s mother’s home made fig jam.

These are excellent cheeses, among the better US artisan cheese I’ve sampled.


I will so be buying these. Great notes on some assuredly great cheeses!

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Jasper Hill makes some of my favorite cheeses in the US. So excited to see them participating here!

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I think I need this

Yeah, I do.

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Sweet dreams are made of cheese! Who-o am I to disa-brie?!?!

With apologies to Eurythmics, allow to first give a huge thanks to Samuel and the team at Jasper Hill Farms and also to Todd for anointing me with the delicious honor of being the guinea pig of this tasting.

I’ve been familiar with Jasper Hill Farms for a while now; seeing their delectable, high-end offerings at gourmet stores before. So, naturally, this was going to be a treat. We received 4 cheeses and a saucisson sec, all packaged exquisitely.
So on to the treats:
Cabot Clothbound - nutty, a little iodine and meaty; bit of a mute nose. But can coach some nutty notes out of it. Definitely improves with warmth.
Whitney Wine Washed Mountain Cheese - super funky and earthy with a smoothly creamy interior; with time out it turns a little chalky and minerally. Deliciously complex.
Willoughby Washed Rind - so fresh, buttery and creamy! Like a Camembert but more complex and meaty.
Harbison Bloomy Rind - oh man, this an amazing triple creme. Glossy, runny bloom with a grassy, fresh rind. Buttery, milky, a touch of hay. Gorgeous cheese. Our favorite of the quartet.

So there you have it folks. This is an absolute no-brainer if you’re a lover of all things lactic.


Harbison is one of the best cheeses in the US, IMO. How did I miss out on the cheese, Todd?? [snort.gif]

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Dayum Jorge, you crushed me with the pics. Great notes. And agreed on the cheeses!

Read my mind. Now I’ll be dreaming about cheese until I can actually purchase these.

I’ve purchased the Willoughby multiple times in the past ---- pure deliciousness! What a cool offering this year!

I couldn’t pass up this offer from one of my favorite cheese producers. Order in, and thanks for participating!

Order in!

Oh man love the Harbison! matter of fact I have some in the fridge for tonight. I’m in on this one and trying a few new ones.

I’m in!

Bagged both offers, we’re getting to the holidays. This won’t last long.

Order in, I might go back and up it!!

I doubt you’ll be disappointed if they are new to you, Andrew. We get a couple of the cheeses at our local shop in Portland, but I can’t pass up a good deal on delicious cheese. I like to joke that I eat my weight in cheese every year, but each year that becomes a more difficult task!


I’ve been buying Willoughby at my local Fred Meyers for months, really great stuff!

Huge fan of Jasper Hill, and so glad they joined the Palooza!

Order in.

Question for Jasper Hill: Is there any chance we can have the cheese by Thanksgiving?
Thank you!

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